Britain handed over to Ukraine the legendary icebreaker James Clark Ross

According to the National Antarctic Research Center, the purchase price of the ship for Ukraine is 5 million 304 thousand dollars.James Clark Ross to help explore oceans and climate change in the polar regions / photo Clark Ross to help explore oceans and climate change in the polar regions / photo

The United Kingdom has handed over the James Clark Ross research icebreaker to Ukraine for research in Antarctica.

This was reported by the British Embassy in Ukraine on its Facebook page .

Thus, after 30 years of service as part of the British Antarctic mission, the icebreakers were sold to the Ukrainian Antarctic station “Academician Vernadsky”.

The embassy stressed that this was the second time that a British research asset had been transferred to Ukrainian colleagues, as the first was the transfer of the Faraday station in 1996, now known as the Academician Vernadsky station.

“Icebreakers James Clark Ross opens up new opportunities for scientific research, including ocean research and climate change in the polar regions. By the way, in 1996, James Clark Ross delivered the first Ukrainian mission to the former British station” Faraday “, – said British diplomats.

How much was the icebreaker James Clark Ross

On July 7, the Cabinet of Ministers allocated funds for the purchase of icebreakers for Ukrainian Antarctic expeditions.

As reported, according to the National Antarctic Science Center, the purchase price of  James Clark Ross for Ukraine was 5 million 304 thousand dollars, of which:

  • the cost of the vessel – 5 million dollars;
  • legal support of the agreement – 6 thousand dollars;
  • other – fuel on board, additional equipment – two motor boats with spare engines.

What is known about James Clark Ross

RRS James Clark Ross is the British Antarctic Service’s icebreaker research vessel, its former flagship named after British sailor and polar explorer James Clark Ross. Built in 1990, in service since 1991. RRS stands for “Royal Research Ship”, ie the Royal Research Ship.

In 1996, the ship delivered the first Ukrainian Antarctic expedition to the station “Academician Vernadsky”, and in the summer of this year returned from its last expedition under the British flag. A few months ago, it visited, in particular, the station, where it was carefully inspected by Ukrainian polar explorers

According to experts of the Maritime Technical University. Admiral Makarov, the vessel is suitable for operation for at least another 20 years with a possible extension of service life to 25-30 years after purchase.

James Clark Ross has a webcam on board to view the ship. In addition, the website of the British Antarctic Service is a detailed  virtual tour of the icebreaker.

(C)UNIAN 2021

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