A Turkish company will build a steam and gas power plant in Izmail

The Turkish company AKSA Energy intends to build a steam and gas power plant capable of providing electricity and heat to industrial and municipal consumers in Izmail.

On August 9, representatives of AKSA Energy signed a memorandum with the head of the regional state administration Serhiy Hrynevetsky, the National Industrial Portal reports   with a message to the Duma .

AKSA Vice President Serdar Nishliu said that his company is part of the Kazanci Holding group, which produces, sells, generates and sells electricity. The authorized capital of AKSA is UAH 4 billion. It employs 9,000 people.

The capacity of the future station in Izmail is 260 MW.

“By investing in a project in the Odessa region, AKSA Energy assumes full funding without requiring any government guarantees. We will maintain the new power plant in Izmail for 25 years, after which we will transfer it to state ownership, “Serdar Nishliu said.

Earlier, a similar memorandum – on the construction of a steam and gas power plant in Odessa – AKSA signed with Mayor Gennady Trukhanov.

The steam and gas station is used to produce electricity using two engines: a steam power and a gas turbine. In a gas turbine unit, the turbine is rotated by gaseous products of fuel combustion, and then enters the steam plant, the recovery boiler, where water is heated and water vapor is formed. This design allows you to achieve an electrical efficiency of more than 60%. For comparison, the efficiency of steam power plants operating separately is usually in the range of 33-45%, for gas turbines – in the range of 28-42%.


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