32% of Ukrainians regret the collapse of the Soviet Union – poll

Most of them are in the south-east of the country, among the less well-off members of the older generation.Among the youngest respondents, a neutral position / photo dominates - depositphotos.comAmong the youngest respondents, a neutral position / photo dominates – depositphotos.com

32% of Ukrainians regret the collapse of the Soviet Union. Those who would not support the proclamation of Independence , as well as people who consider their best times in the past, also miss the Soviet Union .

This is evidenced by the results of the sociological survey “Generation of Independence: Values ​​and Motivations”, conducted by the sociological group “Rating”.

Most of these citizens in the south-east of the country, among the older generation, are less well-off. At the same time, 61% of respondents now do not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Rating group notes that the differences in attitudes toward the Soviet past among the populations of Russia and Ukraine are diametrically opposed. If over the last ten years the level of nostalgia for the Soviet past in Ukraine has been gradually declining, in Russia it is growing.

The influence of the Soviet period on the development of Ukraine was assessed by 52% of respondents as neutral, 23% – as negative, 18% – positive. Polar assessments (both negative and positive) are given by the older generation. Among the youngest respondents, a neutral position dominates, because for them the period of the USSR is information from a history textbook, not real experience.

Freedom of speech (77%) and conditions for self-realization (64%) are areas that, according to respondents, are better developed in modern Ukraine, compared to the Soviet period. Instead, estimates of living standards were evenly divided: 43% of respondents believe that it was better both in Soviet times and in modern Ukraine. The younger ones think that today is better, the older ones – on the contrary.

According to the level of medicine and education, modern Ukraine is still “inferior” to the Soviet past. Only those born in independent Ukraine believe that the level of medical and educational services is better today. Seniors, on the other hand, evaluate modern medicine and education much worse.

Despite the fact that the comparison of living standards in modern Ukraine and the USSR has polar estimates, only 27% of respondents support a return to a planned economy. Two thirds are in favor of market relations. At the same time, there are much fewer differences in the age distribution than in the property distribution: the richer the respondents, the more often they are in favor of the free market.

Earlier, UNIAN reported that the first rehearsal of the parade on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence took place in Kyiv .

(c)UNIAN 2021


  • Translation: they want to be under the Russian jackboot. But that figure simply cannot be correct. 2014 produced the final hard core of treasonous putler-lovers, aka ‘opposition for life’, which stubbornly holds at around 15%. All of them are scum who should leave. But to put some context on that, in the past few years, Britain came perilously close to having an elected far left/Marxist government led by JeremIRA CorbLenin. This is because there is a hard core of trash in Britain who will vote Labour under any circumstances. That figure is probably around the 32% mark, same as the rats in Ukraine who want to rejoin Russia.

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    • My wife has relatives that still believe the Soviet Union was better than modern Ukraine. Their claim of “we had everything” is destroyed when my wife says “like what”? They splutter and stutter and can’t answer the question.

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      • Like ‘The Four Yorkshiremen’, but in reverse. In that classic sketch the old men were being nostalgic about terrible times that never happened, whereas these deluded fools are nostalgic for beautiful times that never were. Apart from the ruling elite of course.

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  • “Instead, estimates of living standards were evenly divided: 43% of respondents believe that it was better both in Soviet times and in modern Ukraine.”

    This 43% need to go into a supermarket and see the shelves full of food. See the range of clothes that were unobtainable during the Soviet times. See the young people smiling, unlike the miserable faces of these Soviets, who are deluded by Russian propaganda. If the Soviet Union was so good, these people need to move to Belarus or Russia, to get a taste of the good life.

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  • I regret the collapse of the USSR too. The West has become a bunch of shitholes since the USSR collapsed. We are destroying our production, our environment, our culture, our history, our dignity and our global reputation. The only remaining superpowers are China and Russia. The US is a joke, and so is Nato. China owns us while Russia keeps fucking us. Capitalism lost the race against chinese communism and russian imperialism long time ago. One sackless corrupt leader follows another in the West. Our big times are over. It’s the time of China, Russia and the Islamofascists now. We can keep watching their show as ashamed to be white shit from our islamized polluted bankrupt shitholes. Already got used to it. I keep drinking and smoking weed to survive. 😎

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  • Send them to mafia land and bat virus land. There, they can live in their utopia. It would be grand to send all the Western leftists to those countries too.

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