Taliban claims Russia and China support them

Russia and China are supporting the Taliban, which seized Afghanistan on August 15, said official representative of the Islamist group Suhail Shaheen at a press conference in Kabul.

“The Taliban is the political and military force of Afghanistan. This is reality, and they (Russia and China) support this,” Shaheen said.

He stressed that this is not financial support.

It is noteworthy that Russia is officially recognizes the Taliban as a terrorist group. This decision was made by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation in 2003. This status did not prevent the Kremlin from actively cooperating with the Taliban all these years.

Taliban delegations have repeatedly visited Moscow and were received at the highest level.

Moscow has already expressed readiness to exclude Taliban from the list of terrorist organizations.

According to Russian experts, the fact that the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan does not play into the hands of Moscow. There is a risk that the Islamists will try to expand their influence on neighboring countries, which may turn into a new war for the Russian Federation.

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  1. Really? The world knows this for 30 year.

    He stressed that this is not financial support. Really? Tell me something new.
    And now with Bidens weapons you have a very strong Army.

  2. They don’t support them. They fucking own them. Putlerstan wants them as terror proxies and the chicoms want the rare earths.

  3. Eventually, the rest of the world’s trash countries will be joining in on this terrorist circle jerk session. They are celebrating our weakness and will forge plans to drive the West into an ever-smaller corner. And who do we have in a leadership position strong enough to counter them?
    What would have happened if we had this sort of pathetic leadership during WWII? I shudder at the thought.

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