Humanity ‘Hurtling Toward Destruction’ With Out-of-Control Consumerism, Russian Defense Chief Says

Humanity is hurtling toward its own destruction through unrestrained consumerism, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in an interview on the anniversary of a 19th-century exploration and geography society he presides over.

“I believe humanity is taking leaps and bounds toward its own destruction and the reason for that is the unrestrained desire for consumption,” Shoigu told Russia’s oldest travel magazine Vokrug Sveta.

In a nod to his Siberian roots, Shoigu brought up his grandfather — “he hunted just enough animals in the taiga because he knew he wouldn’t eat that much meat and there would be fewer animals next year” — as an example of restraint.

“These are rules created not by the bureaucracy but by a way of life,” said Shoigu, who has been photographed every summer in recent years vacationing in his native taiga with President Vladimir Putin.

“You hunt one rabbit and you’ll be full. But when you have 10 carcasses you already need a fridge, otherwise the meat will go bad,” Shoigu said. “For the fridge to work, you need electricity. For that, you need to burn fuel, which you need to get first. But why do you need these 10 rabbits?”

“I dream that one day everyone will understand that it’s time to stop this crazy race of consumerism,” Shoigu, who is also president of the Russian Geographical Society NGO, lamented.

Putin this summer named Shoigu and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to top the ruling United Russia party’s ticket for next month’s high-stakes parliamentary elections. 

Observers widely view Putin’s move as an effort to revive United Russia’s historically low approval ratings. Shoigu and Lavrov enjoy fairly positive ratings themselves but are not expected to take up seats in the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, when the party is widely anticipated to maintain its supermajority during the Sept. 17-19 vote.

Shoigu’s interview was timed for the 176th anniversary of the Russian Geographical Society, which was founded in St. Petersburg in 1845 to promote exploration and geographic research.

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      • Obviously your hypocrisy detector was switched onto 11 like mine was! This sinister creep could well be even worse than the tiny poisoner.

        • He also registered this theft in his 18 year old daughters name. This is another reason that Navalny is in prison, he was investigating this scumbag.

        • LOL, I almost posted the same thing there too. If that little son of Genghis takes Putler’s job things could get even worse, he’s clearly a Marxist-Stalinist.

          • I saw several more stories over the past few days that would be suitable for this site, but didn’t publish because I’m trying to find something less bleak. No luck yet, except for that brilliant Ukrainian folk music piece I put up!

            • I like your articles and any are good as long as they’re informative. You remember pre-Maidan days it was hard to find articles about Ukraine in English and that made RT the go-to source in the West. Not so much now thank God.

              • RaT, sputnik and their affiliates have permeated into the western media fabric. You remind me of about 4-5 years ago. An English friend of mine who married an American girl and emigrated to California, ended up as the features editor of a local paper. Usually he covered showbiz and human interest stuff, but he proudly put up on his FB page an interview that Sputnik did with him. They were incredibly fawning, so he loved them. I said ‘you know they are Russian propagandists right?’ He said ‘no, they’re such nice guys. His father had been a famous Conservative journalist in Britain. I said ‘FFS, what would your dad think? Take it down’.
                Well he didn’t, we have never spoken again and I blocked him on FB. Sad.

                • Interesting how seemingly innocent people can get sucked into the Moskali dark side. Most don’t even realize they are feeding a blood-sucking bat. (The symbol of the Moskali intel forces)

                  • Ha ha! That is fucking unbelievable, but astonishingly true. It’s an unconscious tribute to their true ideology: naziism. The SS had skull and crossbones, the putinazis have a fucking vampire. So apt.

                    • And apt that the Ukrainian symbol is the Owl, the one animal that is not afraid of Russian viruses.
                      By the way, don’t be so hard on your friends, I would advise. You can shed light for them because you’re armed with the truth. Some people wonder in darkness for years, become blind and then don’t believe it when they really see the truth.

                    • Owls are of course known to be wise, but they are also fierce predators. The latter characteristic needs to come to the fore now.
                      To repeat something I say all the time: 1/ Ukraine needs to start responding harshly to these constant sniper attacks that are taking so many of their defenders.
                      2/ Ukraine needs to put its economy on a wartime footing. You saw what Congressman Gonzales said right? It would be ok if someone of his integrity was running things, but God knows how long that will be. In the meantime, Ukraine needs to put 15% of its GDP into the armed forces for an indefinite period. It makes the country stronger and safer and creates loads of ancillary jobs.
                      3/ Ukraine needs to build a military alliance with Turkey, Georgia and Moldova. Hopefully Poland would also come on board. It also needs to urgently rebuild the bridges with Romania that were burned down by

                    • From the British perspective we need a GOP president. Even Trump will be ok as he supports Brexit, wants a trade deal with us, likes the Queen, supports the ancient union with Scotland due to his Scots heritage and likes Boris.
                      From the Ukrainian perspective, it would mean that their agony will go on still further.

                    • I do very much regret that falling out now and should not have got angry with an old and trusted friend. But I will never make the first approach. Funnily enough, I have always maintained friendships and never lost one until that one.

  1. “For the fridge to work, you need electricity. For that, you need to burn fuel, which you need to get first. But why do you need these 10 rabbits?”

    Perhaps you can lead by example Shoigu. Why would a guy need a $15 million mansion that must consume vast amounts of electricity, when he could live in a 3 bedroom house? Especially a mansion that he could never afford on his wages. I think Shoigu is being prepared to take over from Putin, and lead Russia further back into Soviet times with empty shops and Lada junk.

  2. Russian Geographical Society……………………..The Russian-has no borders-Society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. “Humanity is hurtling toward its own destruction through unrestrained consumerism…”
    I guess this scum bag would prefer helping our destruction through his military. This piece of rat shit probably gets a hard-on by the thought to send his troops to kill us.

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