In Afghanistan, the Taliban killed a mother of many children right in front of her children

The woman refused to feed the militants because she had no money.The Taliban killed a mother of many children / photo REUTERSThe Taliban killed a mother of many children / photo REUTERS

The Taliban in Afghanistan have killed the mother of four children. The woman refused to feed the militants because she was very poor.

This was reported by CNN .

According to the daughter of the dead woman, Taliban terrorists came to their house three times. They demanded that the woman feed 15 soldiers.

The victim tried to explain that she simply did not have the money to carry out the order.

When the militants came for the fourth time, they knocked the woman to the floor and beat her directly in front of the children. The beating continued even after the woman lost consciousness.

According to the victim’s daughter, she asked the Taliban to stop the beatings. The militants threw a grenade into the next room before leaving.

The situation in Afghanistan

On August 15, the  Taliban announced the capture of the entire territory of Afghanistan , they attacked Kabul.

Afghan Interior Minister Abdul Satar Mirzakwal said in a video message that the capital would be handed over to the Taliban peacefully.

It has also become known that Taliban representatives will discuss preparations for a change of government at the presidential palace in Kabul.

On August 15, Afghan President  Ashraf Ghani resigned  and flew to Tajikistan.

Ukraine evacuated 79 citizens from Afghanistan  from six countries: Ukraine, Afghanistan, Belarus, the Netherlands, Croatia and Tajikistan.

(C)UNIAN 2021


  • Daily news from now on, thanks to sleepy Joe. Sooner or later we will have to return to Afghanistan anyway, causing another human catastrophe. You first wipe all Taliban, then pull out, giving the afghan army some time to breathe before they take over. Fucked up!

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  • Following the takeover of Afghanistan, the Taliban has held its first official news conference in Kabul, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid promised Tuesday that the Taliban would respect women’s rights, forgive those who resisted them and ensure a secure Afghanistan as part of a publicity blitz aimed at convincing world powers and a fearful population that they have changed.
    The group previously declared an “amnesty” across Afghanistan and urged women to join its government,

    Yeah, let’s just tell the world what they want to hear because they desperatly need aid money

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  • Britain will take 20.000 Afghan ‘refugees’…………………………….

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