Taliban militants send Afghan women home and ban them from working – media

The new government may deprive women of all rights.The Taliban are establishing a new order in Afghanistan / photo REUTERSThe Taliban are establishing a new order in Afghanistan / photo REUTERS

New rules of conduct are taking effect in the Taliban-occupied Afghanistan . In controlled cities, women are forbidden to work, forcing them to leave the workplace immediately.

According to Al Jazeera , a similar incident occurred in early July in Kandahar, when the city came under militant control. Gunmen entered the office of the local bank Azizi and ordered nine women working there to go home.

They were escorted to their homes and told not to go to work anymore. As the militants explained to the employees, their male relatives can take jobs in the bank.

Two days later, a similar incident occurred in the city of Herat. There, three armed Taliban militants also came to a branch of a bank and convicted female employees of not covering their faces in a public place. Women were forced to quit their jobs, sending male relatives instead.

It is noted that the Taliban’s rise to power may again deprive women of all rights. Many remember the brutal rule of the Taliban from 1996 to 2001, when the country had a particularly strict religious law regime.

Women were not allowed to attend school and go to work, they were obliged to hide their faces in public places. They were allowed to leave the house only accompanied by a husband or a relative-husband. Women were publicly humiliated or beaten for violating these rules.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid did not comment to reporters on the two incidents.

However, answering the question whether women will be allowed to work in banks, he said that the final decision has not yet been made.

“After the establishment of the Islamic system, this will be resolved in accordance with the law, and if it is God’s will, there will be no problems,” he said.

The situation in Afghanistan

After the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban quickly took control of the country, meeting only minimal resistance from government forces. On August 15, Taliban militants entered the capital, Kabul.

President Ashraf Ghani has resigned and fled the country, he said, to prevent bloodshed. While there is no exact information about his whereabouts – according to some reports, he flew to Tajikistan, according to others – went to the capital of Uzbekistan Tashkent. However, neither there nor there, Ghana’s arrival was confirmed.

The coming to power of the Taliban provoked panic and mass flight of people from the country. There have been several fatal incidents at Kabul airport.

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  • The dirty taliban are throwing the country back into the dark ages. I feel sorry for all the females and those who think progressively. Their hopes for having better lives are drowning in a sea of islamic manure.

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    • Remember when isis took thousands of innocent Yazidi girls as sex slaves in Iraq and Syria? Their families were murdered and many of the girls committed suicide when they found out. It has been acknowledged as genocide by numerous women’s groups and several governments. Personally, if I had access to power, I would have not rested until every isis and isis family was completely wiped out. They are still around unfortunately.
      Similarly, we can unfortunately expect to hear about a series of atrocities to come from the Talies. They really need to be extirpated.
      It’s a tragic situation that Biden has created.

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    • Islam will be exterminated in our countries in the long run. Evolution is merciless. Sadly many many women and children will have to suffer until this goal is finally achieved. All attempts to civilize these neandertals have poorly failed. Yet our leaders keep flooding our countries with this disease.

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