Moscow has declared “good relations” with the Taliban, preparing for talks

At the same time, the Taliban is officially banned in Russia.Russia is ready for contacts with the Taliban / Illustration REUTERSRussia is ready for contacts with the Taliban / Illustration REUTERS

Russia has already planned contacts with the political leadership of the Taliban, which has gained full control of Afghanistan .

As reported by ” Interfax “, this was announced by the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Afghanistan, Director of the Second Department of Asia Zamir Kabulov. The Russian side is preparing for contacts with the head of the Taliban’s political office, Abdul Ghani Baradar.

“Now we will talk to Mullah Baradar while there in Doha. Next we will see how it will be,” Kabulov said on RosTV.

According to him, Russia has “good relations” both with the government of the country that left Afghanistan and with the “Taliban”.

“That’s why we are not worried,” the Russian diplomat added.

Note that the activities of the Taliban are banned in Russia. The Supreme Court of Russia in 2003 recognized it as a terrorist organization.

However, in recent years, this has not prevented Moscow from receiving Taliban representatives and providing them with political support.

After the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban quickly took control of the country, meeting only minimal resistance from government forces. On August 15, Taliban militants entered the capital, Kabul.

President Ashraf Ghani has resigned and fled the country, he said, to prevent bloodshed. While there is no exact information about his whereabouts – according to some reports, he flew to Tajikistan, according to others – going to the capital of Uzbekistan Tashkent. However, neither there nor there, Ghana’s arrival was confirmed.

The coming to power of the Taliban provoked panic and mass flight of people from the country. There have been several fatal incidents at Kabul airport.

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  • Putler wants to establish a permanent military presence in Afghanistan. Once he’s done that, it will become a putler dominion terror state. Which would then deter the US from invading if there is another 9/11. Well done Biden, you putler arse licker.

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  • англійський масон

    Surprise surprise, the terrorist state supports another terrorist state.

    moscow is the kind of regime that will happily sell arms to terry taliban so they can kill more ivans.

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  • This was to be expected, seeing that mafia land is itself a terrorist organization and crime syndicate.

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