Biden’s adviser criticized the Afghan military for refusing to defend the country

Washington said it had spent tens of billions of dollars training and equipping the Afghan army.The United States is unhappy that the army has given Afghanistan to the Taliban without a fight / REUTERSThe United States is unhappy that the army has given Afghanistan to the Taliban without a fight / REUTERS

US President’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has blamed the Afghan government for the country’s military collapse . According to him, the Afghan military “did not have the will” to defend the country from the Taliban.

According to Insider , Sullivan made the statement on NBC, commenting on the transfer of Kabul under the control of Taliban militants and the escape of President Ashraf Ghani from the country.

“By the end of the day, despite the fact that we spent 20 years and tens of billions of dollars to provide better equipment, training and combat capability to the Afghan Security Forces, we could not give them the freedom [to fight],” Sullivan explained.

“In the end, they decided not to fight for Kabul, and not to fight for the country,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is currently actively criticized by both Democrats and Republicans for his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan.

The situation in Afghanistan

After the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban quickly took control of the country, meeting only minimal resistance from government forces. On August 15, Taliban militants entered the capital, Kabul.

President Ashraf Ghani has resigned and fled the country, he said, to prevent bloodshed. While there is no exact information about his whereabouts – according to some reports, he flew to Tajikistan, according to others – went to the capital of Uzbekistan Tashkent. However, neither there nor there, Ghana’s arrival was confirmed.

The coming to power of the Taliban provoked panic and mass flight of people from the country. There have been several fatal incidents at Kabul airport.

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  • “President Ashraf Ghani has resigned and fled the country, he said, to prevent bloodshed.”

    You mean he saved his sorry ass. No doubt his plane was loaded with as much loot as possible, meanwhile leaving those that voted him in power, behind to meet their fate.

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  • A massive intel failure and shockingly bad advice from whoever controls the clapped-out old hair-sniffer. Obviously the Talies have been taking orders from the kremkrappers for some time.

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    • stanleyankiewicz

      Definitely a failure of U.S. intelligence services but as poorly as U.S. politicians and military leaders performed, their Afghan counterparts have been far worse. The reasons that so much of the Afghan army appears to be crumbling in the face of the enemy — just as the Iraqi army did in 2014 — are poor leadership and pervasive corruption. As a former Afghan finance minister told the New York Times: “The mismanagement has led us to where we are today.” Even now, with the enemy practically at the gates, the Afghan elite continue to squabble among themselves rather than unite to save the nation.We could have stayed another hundred years, and still failed.
      Given the dysfunction and corruption of the Afghan political class, it is time to simply wash our hands of the country, we’ve done enough and now it’s up to them.

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      • I can’t agree with that Stanley. We went in there out of self interest and we should have remained for the same reason, ie the prevention of a savage regime hosting a terrorist murder gang.
        The other reason we should have remained is who is going to be calling the shots now? That will be Pakistan, Russia, China, Iran.
        Once putler has established his army in there, it will deter the coalition from invading again if there is another 9/11.

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        • stanleyankiewicz

          Valid points, but I simply cannot support the idea of an indefinite military presence which in my opinion is the only solution.
          It is also politically untenable as a vast majority of the american people would not support it.
          If there would be another 9/11 type of attack, I am certain that the United States would not in any way be deterred by the presence of foreign forces if it was evident that the attack originated from Afghanistan.

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          • Understandable! Bluntly, the US won’t put boots on the ground in Ukraine for fear of a confrontation with a nuclear power like Russia. Probably will be the same in Afghanistan.

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            • stanleyankiewicz

              Bluntly, any attack on United States soil will be met with the same resolve and ferocity as any attack that has occurred in y past.

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              • Yes, but it may not attack Afghanistan if Russia is there and won’t put boots on the ground in Ukraine for the same reason, even though it really should!

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                • stanleyankiewicz

                  Ukraine and Afghanistan comparisons are apples and oranges. I do however agree that there should be some type of U.S. military presence in Ukraine.

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                  • The common denominator is Russian boots on the ground. If they succeed in doing so in Afghanistan, as they have in Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Syria, Libya, Belarus, the stans etc, you will find that America will avoid going in. Wrongly in my view.
                    If Bush 2 had immediately put boots on the ground in Georgia in 2008, then Ukraine would not have been invaded. Similarly of course, if Georgia and Ukraine had been allowed to join Nato in early 2008, many tragedies would have been averted.


                    • Joining NATO would have gotten Georgia less than nothing. The logistical problems caused by georgia’s geographical position are to overwhelming to overcome. The Black Sea is too small to prevent Russia from sinking almost anything NATO put there, and seaborne shipping would be the only way to get anything substantial there.


                    • Nonsense. It shares a border with a Nato country.

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    • An interesting snippet from an article on the BBC website. Looks like Biden doesn’t give a fuck about human rights.

      In his memoir Richard Holbrooke, who was special envoy to Afghanistan in the early Obama years, remembered Mr Biden angrily telling him he was “not sending my boy back there to risk his life on behalf of [Afghan] women’s rights… That’s not what they’re there for”.

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