Ukraine will improve road construction standards

Ukravtodor reported that in order to improve the norms of road construction in Ukraine, the main state road research institute of the country “DerzhdorNDI” has developed a draft amendment №2 DBN B.2.3-4: 2015 “Roads. Part I. Design. Part II. Construction ”to update state building codes in the direction of improving the safety of road users.

To date, the document has been approved at a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Community and Territorial Development and is sent for approval to the relevant ministries.

It is noted that from 2020, all repair projects must pass the so-called 5th section in the State Enterprise “GosdorNDI”. It evaluates projects in terms of traffic safety measures.

“We prescribe new requirements for the minimum thickness of layers of pavement, lanes for emergency stops, pedestrian crossings, road fences, etc.,” – said in a statement.

Interchange in the village of Stoyanka on the highway M-06 Kyiv-Chop.

In particular, some requirements for highways will be updated – left turns are prohibited on roads of higher categories, except for intersections with low traffic intensity (up to 20 thousand cars / day)

It is envisaged to create pedestrian crossings at different levels on category I roads and mandatory lighting of roads of international importance of category I with a traffic intensity of more than 30 thousand cars / day.

“We are modernizing the design of transport interchanges. A table has been developed that divides them into classes according to the categories of roads at intersections and crossings, as well as the intensity of traffic on them, ”the State Agency of Motor Roads added.

The new DBN provides options for creating transition-speed lanes depending on different conditions of flow intersection.

“The new DBN is based on the VisionZero concept. Its goal is to reduce the number of deaths on the road to zero thanks to a well-thought-out safety system. Updating building codes for the creation of roads ensures the implementation of one of the important principles of the Vision Zero program. The approach of this initiative envisages the construction and maintenance of safe roads, ”Ukravtodor added.

It is noted that in 2020 the Law on Security Audit came into force, which provides for the assessment of security factors at each stage of the infrastructure cycle. This will significantly approach the implementation of the principles of Vision Zero.

Also, to increase safety from 2021, new road signs will be installed on all roads.


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