Turkish Baykar plans to invest in the production of UAVs in Ukraine

The company is also initiating the creation of an industrial park of defense technologies for Ukrainian and Turkish companies.The project that Baykar is working on involves 100% investment by the company / photo baykardefence.comThe project that Baykar is working on involves 100% investment by the company / photo baykardefence.com

The Turkish company Baykar, which develops unmanned aerial vehicles, is working on an investment project to build in Ukraine a research center of advanced technologies in aerospace engineering and a UAV production center .

Natalia Ozden, Baykar’s Deputy General Director for Investments, spoke about this on the first day of the International Defense Investment Forum in Kyiv .

” Baykar intends to invest in Ukraine . We are currently developing an investment project to build an advanced technology research center in Ukraine and a production center,” Ozden said.

The project involves  100% investment by Baykar . Investments include creation

  • the newest center of research and development works (R&D),
  • production facilities and UAV collection,
  • maintenance and repair shops (MA) with accompanying services.

According to Ozden, there is a need to discuss the incentives available to investors in Ukraine . In particular, she mentioned the laws on support of projects with significant investments (the law “on investments”) and on industrial parks.

“We need to discuss the available incentives for investors. Investors want to come to Ukraine, and there are laws. … But when a foreign investor chooses a country to invest, he compares several countries, compares several opportunities and chooses the incentives that are most pleasing to him. … Going back to those laws, they already exist, but unfortunately they are not working yet, we are waiting for mechanisms to implement them.Today, if we compare these projects, we see that the law on industrial parks provides much more advantages than the law about investment projects, “said Baykar Deputy General Director.

At the same time, she noted that in Turkey, incentives for investors reach 200%, and within industrial parks, assistance is provided for the conversion of land into industrial status – in Ukraine it is difficult to do so. Industrial parks in Turkey, according to Ozden, are provided with VAT incentives, no income tax, no VAT on imports, no VAT on goods, social contributions are covered by the state.

“Baykar advocates the creation of a mechanism, a roadmap to attract foreign investors , Turkish companies to the Ukrainian defense market. We are also initiating the creation of an industrial park of defense technologies for Turkish and Ukrainian companies. This would be a powerful initiative that would enrich our states “, – summed up Ozden.

(C)UNIAN 2021

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