Russia to Expel BBC Journalist Sarah Rainsford – Bloomberg

Russia has given veteran BBC correspondent Sarah Rainsford until the end of the month to leave the country in retaliation for what it called discrimination against Russian media in Britain, Bloomberg reported Friday.

Rainsford’s visa expires on Aug. 31 and will not be renewed, Bloomberg cited the Russian state-run Rossiya 24 broadcaster as saying late Thursday.

Neither the BBC nor Rainsford herself responded to Bloomberg’s requests for comment. If confirmed, Rainsford’s departure would mark the first expulsion of a British journalist from Russia since Moscow expelled The Guardian’s Luke Harding in 2011.

Bloomberg cited a Russian Foreign Ministry official as saying that Rainsford will have to leave when her current visa expires.

The move comes in response to what Moscow said was a retaliatory move for London refusing to issue visas to Russian reporters, the news agency said.

Rainsford’s reported expulsion comes amid criticisms that the Kremlin is ramping up efforts to silence domestic independent media with anti-free speech laws, “foreign agent” and “undesirable organization” labels and raids on journalists’ homes.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry announced this week that it barred entry to unidentified British officials in retaliation to London’s human rights and anti-corruption sanctions.

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  • “Neither the BBC nor Rainsford herself responded to Bloomberg’s requests for comment.”

    The BBC can’t even be bothered to publish an article about this, wtf is wrong with them?

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    • англійський масон

      The BBC can’t be bothered because it equates to arguing on the Internet.

      ‘Never argue with idiots, they will beat you down with experience.’

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  • We should pull the bbc out of Russia and kick RaT, sputnik and all their many affiliates out of Britain permanently. Or until Russia renounces fascist imperialism and pays full reparations to its victims.

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    • Just read this, it’s too small to post as an article, but once again a leader that “fully supports” Ukraine, goes to visit Putin before Ukraine.

      “German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit Russia on August 20 and will travel to Ukraine on August 22, German government spokesperson Steffen Seibert told reporters in Berlin on Friday.

      “The chancellor will visit Moscow on Friday and Kyiv on Sunday,” Seibert said.”

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      • If that fat skank is not a Russian agent, I’m Elvis. I hope that the Ukrainians reached that same conclusion years ago.
        Did you see my UT2 post?

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        • Yeah just read it. We’ll see what comes of this platform. 40 countries have now promised to attend, hence Lavrov spewing his filthy lies the last few days. I reckon the Kremlin are worried, they wouldn’t launch a full blown propaganda exercise otherwise.

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          • I reckon the platform; excellent and praiseworthy as it is, will not achieve the desired effect. I also reckon that the two options I outlined in P2 are the only realistic way forward. Option 1 is best, but option 2 is quicker and safer. I think it’s possible that it’s already under discussion.
            What else can Ukraine do, apart from wait for a president like Marco Rubio to come along, which might not be for a long time?

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            • Rubio will never be president. He’s betrayed too many people to get where he is and GOP voters now have a lot less tolerance for such things. Frankly, he’s lucky to have remained in the Senate.

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              • He is the only hope as far as Ukraine is concerned.

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                • Everybody else is a Russian agent…lol……….right? 😉

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                  • Well if you can name even one other who will protect Ukraine and deal with Russia effectively, I’m all ears man! We know that Rubio will do a McCain-type job because he has said so and even put it into writing. The only other one that might be reasonably reliable is fellow Cuban Ted Cruz. Allen West was strongly anti-putler but then he went all Trumpy.

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                    • I know better than to name any names, I’ve learned my lesson bro.

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                    • I wasn’t trying to trick you Redders. I really would like to know if you’ve spotted any. I could name a few more who have been supportive of Ukraine and antagonistic towards the rodent fuhrer: Mitt Romney, Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley. Out of those three, I doubt if they will be serious contenders, but then the same is also true of Rubio.
                      It looks like Trump or his protege DeSantis are the front runners at present.

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  • англійський масон

    The shithole obviously wants to isolate from the civilised World.

    I say let them.

    Shut them away, out of sight, just like that ‘special’ Uncle who lives in a big House and we never go to visit, but lots of people in white coats look after him.

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