Almost 173 kilometers per hour: Ukrainian on a motorcycle “Dnipro” set a world speed record

The record was set at the festival of speed, which takes place on the dried salt lake Bonneville in the United States.Ukrainian motorcyclist Serhiy Malik broke the world speed record on an electric bike

At Bonneville Speed ​​Week 2021, Ukrainian Serhiy Malik set a world record for speed on an  electric motorcycle . The festival takes place on the dried up salt lake Bonneville in the USA.

Delfast Resurrects Dnepr As Electric Bonneville Speed Week Contender

During the races on August 12, the Ukrainian rider on a motorcycle made of ordinary “Dnipro” accelerated to about 172 km / h (107,217 mph) – a new record for equipment of this class (“A” OMEGA).

“Despite all the faults and obstacles! 42 minutes before the end of this year’s races! Unbelievable!”, – commented on the record setting on Facebook .

“This is the most difficult record I have ever had,” Serhiy Malik commented on his next achievement. “Everything is at the last minute: three attempts, three record qualifications …”

This record was the 40th such achievement in the career of Sergei Malik.

Note that the Delfast Dnepr Electric electric motorcycle was created specifically for competitions in Bonneville (USA). It was developed by the Ukrainian company Delfast Bikes, which specializes in the development and serial production of electric bicycles.

The motorcycle used to win in Bonneville, but this year the design was improved to achieve higher speeds during races. The electric bike is equipped with a synchronous electric motor on permanent magnets with a nominal power of 50 kW and a peak of 100 kW. The motor weighs only 12 kg.

The traction lithium-polymer battery has a capacity of 12 kWh, and the inverter is made in Ukraine. The maximum output current is 200A, which provides a torque of 220 Nm.

(C)UNIAN 2021

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