A Russian mercenary in the Donbas has opened fire and used a grenade, which killed seven people, three of whom were civilians. This was reported by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on Facebook.

“A group of servicemen in the 9th separate motorized rifle regiment of the 1st army corps of the so-called DNR consumed alcoholic beverages recently, a fight broke out between them, during which Corporal Daniil Tsuprik opened fire from a standard weapon and used a grenade. As a result, seven people died – four mercenaries and three local residents”, – the message says.

(C) OSTROV 2021


  • Russians, vodka, no brains and a loaded weapon. A recipe for disaster.

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    • When Viktor Belenko (who flew his Mig 25 to Japan in the 70s) was being questioned on alcohol usage in the Soviet Union – he was asked how much of the male population was alcoholic. He asked the meaning of the term, and once given it, stated that over half the male population were alcoholic. That was probably charitable.

      Dismal living conditions, combined with little hope of any improvement, and the fact the regime kept alcohol readily available and cheap led to the moral junkyard that was the Soviet Union. Nothing has changed in Russia.


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