Photos of the new Ukrainian flamethrower system “Speka” based on “Dozor-B” have appeared

Mobile flamethrower system “Heat” on the basis of TBKM “Dozor-B”. Photo: Defense Express.

At HKBM them. Morozov completed work on the integration of a new launcher weapon system with the base platform under which it was created – a tactical wheeled combat vehicle 4×4 “Watch-B”.

The main contractors for the creation of the first domestic light flamethrower system based on the Dozor-B chassis are several enterprises that are part of the Ukroboronprom concern. The main executor and integrator is HKBM named after Morozov, who is actually the developer of “Watch”.

Mobile flamethrower system “Speka” on the basis of TBKM “Dozor-B”. Photo: Defense Express.

Other key project partners are Shepetivka Repair Plant, which is responsible for the package of guides for the small-scale system for launching new ammunition, and Artem, a direct developer and manufacturer of new means of impression.

The project was developed with the participation of specialists from the Central Research Institute of Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The idea of ​​developing a light mobile flamethrower system “Speka” on the basis of TBKM “Dozor-B” was born in the “bowels” of the Department of high-precision weapons and ammunition of the Concern “Ukroboronprom”. The relevant decision to launch internal research and development work on the development of the “Speka” system was made by the Concern’s management.

Light mobile flamethrower system “Speka” based on TKBM “Dozor-B” combines a number of key features and capabilities that are extremely needed on the modern battlefield.

According to its developers, the advantages of the system – in its high mobility, invisibility to the enemy, the ability to quickly conduct retaliatory fire and quickly change location, avoiding the threat of enemy strikes.

Mobile flamethrower system “Speka” on the basis of TBKM “Dozor-B”. Photo: Defense Express.

“Fire” “Watch” from the outside is difficult to distinguish from a linear machine. However, it received a really new functionality and turned into a light MLRS – in its body is a system with 10 thermobaric shells placed in the guides. If necessary, the package of guides rises to the fighting position and the calculation is launched. Maximum starting range up to 7 km.

The new weapon system is expected to have significant firepower given that it is equipped with thermobaric munitions. Thermobaric jet projectile in the caliber of 122-mm RS-122TB for the new MLRS “Speka” on the basis of “Dozor-B”, is in the planned development schedule.

Unguided thermobaric ammunition RS-122TB “Speka” from DAKHK “Artem”. Photo: Vladislav Hristoforov / NPP

Earlier, the President of the Company – Chairman of the Board of Artem State Joint-Stock Company Volodymyr Zimin said that we have successfully tested the thermobaric warhead, it has shown very high efficiency and at the moment we are working on the propulsion part. I think that in the coming months we will go on fire tests. In fact, I think the projectile will be ready by the end of this year. “

He also claimed that the Ukrainian military had shown interest in this type of weapon. Previously, such ammunition and systems were not in the arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. While the Russian Federation is actively developing this area. In addition to the heavy flamethrower system TOS “Pinocchio” for the Russian Armed Forces is planned to adopt a new heavy flamethrower system TOS-2 on a wheeled chassis called “Tosochka”.

Kamikaze drone “Hunter” from DAKHK “Artem”. Photo: Vladislav Hristoforov / NPP

Ukrainian flamethrower “Speka” is being prepared for factory tests. In new camouflage, this mobile flamethrower system based on TBKM “Dozor-B” will be demonstrated on Independence Day.

The next already planned stage in the development of the “Speka” system is the development of a robotic version that will be able to use ammunition with a combined warhead.


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