Six new execution pits were found at the site of the mass grave of victims of communist repressions in Odessa

Six new execution pits were discovered by search engines who work at  the mass grave of victims of the communist terror of 1937-1938 near the Odessa airport .

This was announced by a member of the working group created by the mayor’s office to perpetuate the memory of people killed by the Reds, historian Alexander Babich.

“The pits are at intervals of one meter or less (crazy density),” he says. – The occurrence of the remains begins at 1.6 m. The pit is of the correct form. They dug, apparently, under the number of those sentenced to death the day before. The probe shows that the remains lie in several layers. Stratigraphy shows that the bodies of the executioners were covered with at least 20-30 cm of soil, and then they began to pour garbage directly into the pit. Then the garbage dump was dumped in layers and leveled to hide the place of executions. The work is very hard. The search guys bulldoze a meter of dense construction waste, then the excavator carefully makes a trench, and then the bottom is checked with a shovel and a probe for the presence of remains. Immediately after that, the edges of the pit are fixed, everything is recorded and closed. Maximum respect for the killed and everything what can tell us the grisly story of these Stalinist crimes. Titanic and very painstaking work in the heat, in the dust of a landfill, and the place itself does not add mood. With such a density of occurrence, it is not even clear when these works will be completed. But we are obliged to return these names to the history of the city and to reburial them humanly ”.

Recall that the first pit with bodies was discovered by current search engines in early August.

In 2008, the remains of 1,086 people were found here. Most were killed by pistol shots to the back of the head. Personal items were found near the bones – cigarette cases, wedding rings and so on. Some items made it possible to date the deaths of people from 1937 to 1938.

What was left of the people and the objects found were put into an ordinary metal container in a nearby storage area, and they were forgotten for several years. And only in 2011, when the press got tired of writing about “bones in a container”, the dead were buried in the Western cemetery.

According to various sources, on the sixth kilometer of the Ovidiopol highway there are the remains of 5 to 20 thousand people shot by the communists.


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