In Kamchatka, a deputy shot a local resident who was collecting scrap metal at a landfill. The deputy claims that he took the killed for a bear. But there is a version that he was “in a state of the strongest alcoholic breakdown”

Deputy of the legislative assembly of the Kamchatka Territory from the “United Russia” Igor Redkin shot a man. According to the deputy, he did it by accident, mistaking him for a bear. 

The incident took place on the night of August 2 at a landfill near the village of Ozernovsky. The deceased is a 30-year-old local resident Andrei Tolstopyatov. According  to the Kamchatka Inform agency, he and a relative came to the dump for scrap metal. The bullet hit him in the stomach, the man died in the hospital. He is survived by a wife and a small child.

The murder criminal case was opened only on August 6. At the same time, the UK issued a short official report on the incident for the first time , which did not contain any details. By that time, local residents were widely discussing the incident on social networks , pointing out that that night near the landfill they saw an SUV of the regional deputy. “Kamchatka Inform” later wrote that the residents of Ozernovsky expressed dissatisfaction with the silence of the investigation about “information about which the whole village is known.”

On August 10, after many local media outlets, citing sources in law enforcement agencies, wrote that Redkin was being checked for involvement in the incident, his press service issued an official statement on his behalf: the deputy confessed to the murder, but said that it was an accident …

On August 2, a tragedy occurred, and I, Igor Vladimirovich Redkin, became an unwitting participant. In the evening in the village of Ozernovsky, I learned that a bear was wandering in the dump, from which local residents could suffer. I took the weapon and decided to scare him away. At dusk he shot at the bear. Later, I learned that at about the same time a local resident was wounded in the area of ​​the shooting and died in the hospital. Yesterday I made a decision for myself and am ready to bear the punishment, which will be determined by the court.

Redkin also announced that he is suspending his membership in United Russia and withdrawing his candidacy from the September elections. The deputy’s lawyers said that he would “help the family” of the deceased in every possible way.

According to Kamchatka Inform, the bullet removed from the body of the deceased was fired from a carbine belonging to Redkin. At the same time, the deputy himself at the time of the incident may have been drunk. The Kam 24 edition wrote that he came to the dump to practice shooting. Sources of “Kamchatka Inform” reported that Redkin “in a state of severe alcoholic breakdown drove around the village and fired from a carbine with a sight.”

It is unclear what article Redkin is charged with. Initially, the case was initiated under the article on murder (105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), but the Kam 24 agency, citing a source, wrote that the deputy could be accused of causing death by negligence (109 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Under this article, the maximum sentence is two years in prison. On August 10, the deputy was detained, a measure of restraint will be chosen for him on August 11.

Redkin is one of the richest regional deputies in Russia. In the latest annual Forbes ranking of the richest officials, he  took 20th place with an income of 715.72 million rubles. Its main asset is the Vityaz-Auto company, which is engaged in the extraction and processing of fish. Redkin has been in the legislative assembly of the Kamchatka Territory since 2007.

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  1. “At the same time, the UK issued a short official report on the incident for the first time, which did not contain any details.”

    Wtf are they talking about? It must be some translation problem, the link goes to a Russian website called Kamchatinfo.

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  2. “… he did it by accident, mistaking him for a bear.”
    Already as a youth, I’ve learned that you NEVER shoot at anything that you can’t identify. I certainly don’t. It’s also a very bad idea to go shooting around yourself … especially when you’re trashed.

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