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These days, the media of Turkey and Greece are densely abounding with enthusiastic and grateful memories of Ukraine. For example:

′′ A true friend is known in trouble. We thank the friendly country of Ukraine and its people for their support. Turkey has always supported Ukraine, and Ukraine is with Turkey today. The cooperation between the two countries will always continue “,-Fatih Dyuzgyun, Turkish pilot-coordinator of fire planes arrived from Ukraine.

′′ We were invaluable helped by 200 firefighters from Ukraine and Romania who went straight into the worst flame upon arrival. They worked non stop all day until everything was extinguished. If it weren’t for them, everything would have burned down. We owe them “,-Argiris Liascos, the mayor of the most affected port of Mantudi on the Greek island of Evia (the largest fires are breaking on this island).

Ukraine’s foreign policy strategy, which was recently approved for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, determines the promotion of Ukraine’s positive image in the world as one of six priorities.

Of course, we decided to give friends a political decision not for the benefit, but because friends do so. But it is impossible not to admit that now Ukrainian pilots and firefighters heroically make Ukraine a super positive reputation in Turkey and Greece. What once again confirms is everyone can join the promotion of Ukraine’s interests in the world.

This is Ukraine that helps friends, not just asks for support. And this is a breakup of the template of Russian propaganda. There are all reasons to be proud of Ukraine every day, but these days – especially. Don’t hold yourself back 🙂✌️🇺🇦

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  1. Turkey is becoming a key ally; which is what Ukraine needs. When you consider that until recently, Greece had a vile communist pig; putler groveller Alexis Tsipras, as PM, it’s quite a turnaround. I don’t know what the policy is towards Ukraine of the current centre right PM; Kyriakos Mitsotakis, but it has to be better than the last one.

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