Zelensky urges people who “feel Donbas as Russia” to go look for place in Russia

President is convinced that Donbas “will never be Russian territory”

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called on all those who “feel Donbas as Russia” to go and look for a place in Russian Federation. He said this in an interview with Dom TV channel, which will be broadcasted tonight.

Zelensky is confident that Donbas “will never be Russian territory.” According to him, no matter how long Donbas is occupied, “in any case, people, history will seize the moment, and the wall will collapse.”

“If you love Russia and think that all your life you have been on the territory of Ukraine, but felt it as Russia. If you feel that way, you should understand – in the name of your children and grandchildren you need to go look for a place in Russia,” the president said.

President also added that without Ukraine there would be no civilization in the temporarily occupied territories.  

“Ukraine will grow and will build everything, unequivocally. Donbas in that form – in the occupied cut-off state will not grow. Therefore, there will be no happiness for these people there,” Zelensky added.

Earlier, Zelensky said that the return of Donbas, “silence” in Donbas, shelling and exchanges today depend on the will of Russia and the help of all partners of Ukraine and members of the Normandy four.

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  • A little late in the day Ze. We have been saying this for years. If you want to be Russian, go fuck off to the shithole and leave civilisation behind.

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    • If you love Russia, go to Russia is a good message though. The Moskali need to know they will not find happiness in Ukraine. This goes against the sickness known as ruSSki mir and the Moskali should be reminded of it. I will always remember the face of the Russian I met who demanded I buy him a drink and I asked, why? Then when he answered, “because I am Russian!” I couldn’t help but laugh. By his face I might as well have told him to fuck off, he was so offended.

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      • You remind me of the last time I drank with putlerites. Around 2004 in Sharm El Sheikh. I did not hold anti-putler views at the time. One of them was a Captain in the Moscow traffic police and another was a tank commander. They were all educated and spoke excellent English. We got on fine, but as they got more drunk, they became more militaristic and aggressive. Grievances flowing all over the place. At the end of the evening one of them said: “we’re really surprised; we thought you English were stupid!” They asked me to meet them again the next night, after the wives had gone to bed. I was about to accept, when one of them suddenly said: “we really like the IRA, they just keep on fighting”. I said “you are mistaken; you are confusing terrorists with real fighting men”. He said : “oh we don’t think they are terrorists”.
        At which point I said goodnight. Fucking scum.

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