Lukashenka instructed to close “every meter of the border” from the south and west

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko instructed to strengthen the work on the protection of the border against the background of the migration crisis. 

From now on, not a single foot on the territory of Belarus from the adjacent side, whether  from the south or from the west , should set foot. <…> Close every meter of the border. It was not in vain that we invested colossal funds in the border troops, in our general power structures. Our people should feel calm, they should know that there are men who are ready to protect them.

Lukashenko accused Lithuania and Poland of provocations on the border, saying that the Western countries, when they failed to carry out “seven or eight stages of the so-called color revolution” in Belarus, returned to “the tactics of blackmail and pressure.” 

Lithuania accuses Belarus of the fact that the authorities of this country do not prevent migrants from crossing the Belarusian-Lithuanian border in the direction of the EU (earlier Lukashenko himself said that Minsk would not interfere with the transit of illegal immigrants to Europe). The Lithuanian authorities declared an emergency situation and began erecting a wall with barbed wire on the border. 

In recent days, Lithuanian border guards have begun trying to turn migrants back right at the border and push them back to Belarus. On August 4, the Belarusian border committee announced the first victim of the migration crisis – an Iraqi citizen who was allegedly beaten on the territory of Lithuania and “died in the arms of the Belarusian border guards”. Lithuania denied involvement in the incident, calling the message a provocation.

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  • англійський масон

    Ha ha since when have any of the commie countries ever tried to stop anyone coming in.

    Shithole fences are to stop the poor fuckers getting out!

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