Hitler phones Biden

Just a little fun!

And bad reality!


  • There is a way that civilised democracies can avoid being tricked into having an imbecile running their countries. First, do not allow mail-in voting; that system is crawling with corruption. Second, restore voting as a privilege to be earned. If you contribute nothing, why should you be allowed to choose who runs things? No representation without taxation!
    A vote should only be valid if made in person, accompanied by three forms of ID: utility bill, passport and medical card, plus links to social media activities. No convicted criminals, lunatics or conspiracy theorists accepted!

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    • onlyfactsplease

      Very right! We see what we get for a president with a disordered voting system … a disordered moron who forgets what he wants to say in mid-sentence!

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  • onlyfactsplease

    When listening to Biden, it scares me to know that such an imbecile was voted into office and that he has another three and a half years left to cause yet more damage to our great nation. What in the hell kind of drugs were all those people on? Never mind what’s wrong with the democrats to let this fool lose to run for the highest office. That party is brain-dead anyhow. This guy belongs in a nursing home and not in the White House.

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