CNN finds “possible camp for political dissidents” near Minsk

CNN TV channel aired a story about the alleged camp for political prisoners, which was built 85 kilometers from Minsk.

The camp is located in the village of Novokolosovo, Minsk region of Belarus, in the place where the arsenal of missile forces was located in Soviet times . The area of ​​81 hectares is surrounded by three rows of fences with live barbed wire, cameras are installed around the perimeter, a sign “Forbidden Border, No Passage” hangs on the gate.

There are several buildings behind the fence, including a one-story barrack with reflective glass; people in camouflage clothes are walking around the territory, it follows from a video filmed near the camp.

The TV channel noted that the journalists were unable to enter the territory, and it is unclear whether the prisoners were kept there. Locals call this place “camp”. According to them, the territory is patrolled by the military. One of the local residents said that the military forbade him to pick mushrooms near the camp.

An unnamed Western intelligence official told CNN that the facility “might” be used as a prison camp, but there is no direct evidence of this.

The Belarusian authorities did not comment on this at the time of publication.

In January, a project by former Belarusian security officials BYPOL published an audio recording, where a person introduced as Deputy Interior Minister of Belarus Nikolai Karpenkov said that the country wants to create a “camp for especially sharp-hoofed animals” with barbed wire around the perimeter. BYPOL claimed that they wanted to create the camp on the basis of correctional colony No. 22 in the city of Ivatsevichi (210 kilometers from Minsk).

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