UKROBORONPROM developed a new landing boat for the Navy of Ukraine

Render image of the new landing boat “Taipan” from the State Securities Commission

SE “Shipbuilding Research and Design Center”, which is a part of Ukroboronprom, has published data on a new landing boat project that can transport and land not only infantry, but also several units of heavy armored vehicles.

Such a vessel, in contrast to the “closed” small boats such as BDSHK “Centaur-LK” or the  recently introduced aluminum “Pelican” with a relatively small size and tonnage can transport two fifty- ton tanks or three BTR-4E.

The new boat can be considered a further development of the famous Soviet project 1176 (in terms of functionality), the only representative of which in the Ukrainian Navy is the landing boat L434 “Svatove” (the Russian Navy currently operates 13 such boats, two of them in the Black Sea Fleet).

TTX of the landing boat “Taipan” from DPTSK

As noted in the State Securities Commission, commenting on the possibilities of its development, “Taipan”, at the request of the Ukrainian Navy, made twice as fast as the Soviet counterpart – 24 knots against 11.5 knots in the boats of the project 1176.

Although the new boat is not much longer than “Svatove” (30 meters against 24.5), it is almost three times larger in tonnage (276 tons against 107.3 tons). Accordingly, the transport capacity of the Taipan is also much greater – the ability to transport 2-3 units of armored vehicles or up to 150 Marines against one unit of heavy armored vehicles (or two small BBM 4×4) or 20 Marines in the DC of project 1176.

Landing boat “Svatove” during exercises with a unit of the 88th Marine Battalion Photo: General Staff of the Armed Forces

Also, the boat, unlike its Soviet predecessor, is equipped with weapons – two combat modules with large-caliber machine guns 12.7 mm and two machine guns of the same caliber with manual control.

Representatives of the DPCC noted that the boats of the Taipan project are structurally quite simple and can be easily and quickly built at Ukrainian shipyards when ordering (for example, Nibulon or Okean). In addition, they are relatively inexpensive – according to rough preliminary estimates, the cost of a serial boat will be $ 7-10 million.


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