Ukrainian passenger liner “Princess Dnepr” suddenly departed for Russia

Several hours ago a cruise ship “Princess of the Dnieper” departed from Kherson in the direction of the mouth of the Dnieper.

Judging by the tracker data, the ship is heading to the Russian port of Kavkaz.

The motor ship left the Ukrainian port at 18:16, and an hour and a half later the crew turned off the AIS (radio identification system).

According to “Dumskaya”, “Princess of the Dnieper” was sold a few days ago. She changed the Ukrainian flag to the Moldovan one and left for the Russian Federation.

The details of the deal are still unknown, but Ukraine has lost another passenger ship. Until recently, the operator was the Ukrainian company “Chervona Ruta”, and the owner was LLC “Cruise company“ Breeze cruise ”.

The motor ship was built in 1976 in Germany according to project 301, the first voyage was made as “Evgeny Vuchetich”. In 1993 it became the property of Ukrrichflot, and since 2003 changed its name to Princess Dnepr and was operated by Chervona Ruta.

As a reminder, in June 2017, a similar stunt happened to the General Vatutin cruise ship . It was also suddenly sold, left for the Russian Federation and now makes cruises under the name “Swan Lake”.

Photo by Sergey Smolentsev



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