It became known how the man with a grenade got into the government building

In Kyiv, a man with a grenade threatens to blow up the Cabinet of Ministers.The area was surrounded by police / REUTERSThe area was surrounded by police / REUTERS

A man who threatens to blow up the Cabinet of Ministers entered the building through a public reception.

This is stated by Telegram “Kyiv Operative”.

A previously published video on the Internet shows that the citizen showed a grenade, but eyewitnesses reacted to his threats sluggishly. He walked freely inside.

It became known that the man entered the government through a public reception, where people usually go for a pass or bring letters. man with a grenade in the Rada

Officials do not enter through this entrance, therefore there were no border of militiamen there. It is specified that cleaners, ordinary employees, etc. pass through the entrance.

What happened

On the morning of August 4, an unknown man entered the government building with a grenade . The man explained his actions to the camera by the fact that he was taken away by officials.

(C)UNIAN 2021

One comment

  • The man who threatened to detonate a grenade in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine was a participant in an anti-terrorist operation, he committed this crime because of “life events”.

    According to an UNIAN correspondent, this was announced at a briefing by the head of the National Police of Ukraine Igor Klimenko.

    He noted that the special operation to neutralize the man has already been completed.

    “The situation is unusual because it was the participant of anti-terrorist operation who passed a crucible of hostilities who was twice wounded, including, and had a craniocerebral trauma. And committed this crime because such life events developed in it”., – Klimenko noted.

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