Boris condemns Lukashenko’s severe human rights violations in meeting with leader of Belarusian opposition

3 August 2021

Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the Belarus opposition leader for a bilateral meeting in 10 Downing Street. Picture by Simon Dawson / No 10 Downing Street

Prime Minister Boris Johnson met the leader of the Belarusian opposition, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, in Downing Street today.

He condemned the Lukashenko regime’s severe human rights violations and persecution of pro-democracy figures, including both Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and her husband.

The Prime Minister outlined the steps the UK has taken to hold the regime to account, including placing sanctions on Lukashenko himself. 

He stressed the UK’s commitment to the Belarusian people, in particular through tripling our financial support to Belarusian civil society this year.

The Prime Minister and Mrs Tikhanovskaya agreed that the British and Belarusian people share fundamental values such as a belief in democracy, human rights and rule of law. 

The Prime Minister said the UK stands in solidarity with the people of Belarus and will continue to take action to support them.


  • It’s good that he met her. But he should not be under any illusions as to who she is. She spat in Ukraine’s face by refusing several times to acknowledge that Crimea is Ukrainian.
    On November 29, 2020, the following article appeared in Medium:

    Someone tell Biden who Tikhanovskaya really is

    To amplify her legend of someone supervised by the West, Tikhanovskaya is set to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony.
    A rather alarming statement recently came from “President Sveta,” Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, to the Belsat outlet, where she announced her upcoming meeting with the U.S. President-elect Joe Biden. According to Tikhanovskaya, Biden has sent her an invitation to attend the inauguration ceremony.

    And although the White House has not yet made any statements regarding the upcoming meeting between Biden and Tikhanovskaya, it is worth reminding the U.S. President-elect who “President Sveta” actually is.
    But let’s start from afar — not with Svetlana, but with her husband Sergey.
    Until 2019, practically no one knew anything about Sergey Tikhanovsky, neither in Belarus nor beyond its borders. It’s largely because Sergei had been working in Moscow as a wedding cameraman, and the pinnacle of his career was accreditation at a meeting with Patriarch Kirill as part of TASS.
    Immediately after this career breakthrough, he suddenly started showing signs of praise to Vladimir Putin. At the same time, the “loving” spouse, Sergei Tikhanovsky, whose YouTube channel after his arrest was widely used to promote his wife Svetlana (who also emerged out of nowhere), until March 2019 had never revealed publicly the fact that he was married with children.
    In May 2019, immediately after the exposure of Russian moles in Belarus, including Russian Ambassador Mikhail Babich, a Belarussian blogger Sergei Tikhanovsky surfaces on the political scene! It was during this period that Vitaly Shklyarov, a PR technologist who had worked for Ksenia Sobchak and Dmitry Gudkov in Russia, joined Tikhanovsky’s campaign. When Sergey got arrested, another four Russian nationals got detained along his side, who later turned out to be operatives with the Russian GRU.
    That is, Svetlana became nothing more than a side effect of Sergey’s arrest. Her husband had earlier been integrated into the Belarusian opposition arena in the same way that Anatolii Sharij — also a “blogger” — is being integrated into Ukraine’s.
    In fact, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya became an element of the large-scale operation conducted by the Russian special services to integrate their “opposition” figures into Belarus under the guise of “Western agents”. But the entire Belarusian “opposition”, to which Russian media refer as pro-Western, a product of Western agent network, is entirely financed and supported in media domain precisely by Russians.

    For example, the election campaign of Viktor Babariko was entirely financed by Gazprom; Valeriy Tsepkalo, after fleeing from Belarus, had been hiding out in Russia for quite some time before becoming a regular guest in Ukraine and Poland, while his wife, Veronica, has been praising Vladimir Putin all along; Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and her husband Sergey not only used the services of the Kremlin PR professional Vitaly Shklyarov but were also guarded by GRU officers and covered by media resources of Russia’s Alisher Usmanov.

    And what is most important, not a single Belarusian “opposition figure”, including Sveta, expressed an unambiguous attitude to the occupation of Crimea by Russia or Moscow’s aggression in Donbas. They still fail to make up their mind on whether the latter is a civil war or Russian occupation of the Ukrainian territories. So much for the “pro-Western opposition” in Belarus…
    At the same time, Russia benefits off of these developments because on the foundation of the “pro-Western opposition” in Belarus, the Kremlin is able to build a whole propaganda skyscraper, floor by floor. For example, through propaganda TV pundit Olga Skabeyeva, who recently claimed that some sort of negotiations led by Tikhanovskaya were recently intercepted where she was heard saying she’s no decision-maker. I willingly believe — but the thing is that it’s the same handlers who supervise Skabeyeva that do not let Tikhanovskaya decide anything — not the West.
    Recently, President Sveta announced her trip to Kyiv, without actually being officially invited. At the same time, such a visit would fit well into the agenda of the ongoing Russian psy-op aimed at leading the Ukraine-Belarus ties to level of a ringing string. It also aims at proving the point repeatedly voiced by Lukashenko, echoing the Kremlin’s narratives: Ukraine, on a par with Poland and Lithuania, was one of the springboards for destabilizing Belarus.
    And now, to “prove” her pro-Russian stance and affiliation, Tikhanovskaya is going to Washington D.C. The only question is whether Joe Biden really needs to have at his inauguration a guest with such a dubious status and such a massive GRU trail behind her…

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    • onlyfactsplease

      “The only question is whether Joe Biden really needs to have at his inauguration a guest with such a dubious status and such a massive GRU trail behind her…”
      After seeing what idiocy this wannabe president has accomplished – harming Ukraine and even the US – I think he doesn’t really care if he has a GRU-supported politician by his inauguration. He is a complete fool. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Pew-tin was invited too.

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    • I would go as far to say this woman is a Russian project and was financed by Russia to cause shit in Belarus, giving Russia the opportunity to go and save Luka’s hide, and at the same time give him nowhere to turn except towards Russia.

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  • On the moment Svetlana Tichonovskaya visits Boris Lukashenko murders Sjitsov. Russians always combine the moment for crimes with the time for it.

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