The Public Council under the Ministry of Culture will check the repertoire of theaters for compliance with the national security strategy of Russia

The Public Council under the Russian Ministry of Culture will hold a hearing at which it will assess the theaters’ repertoire “in terms of compliance with the national security strategy.” The chairman of the council Mikhail Lermontov told about it. It is not yet known when the hearings will take place.

Lermontov noted that in the national security strategy, which was approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin in early July, “there is a huge section concerning the preservation of spiritual, moral and patriotic values.”

“Public structures should now take on the role of public controllers, not censors, but controllers of the compliance of the information environment with those parameters that are now set in the presidential decree,” said the chairman of the council under the Ministry of Culture.

Lermontov told Interfax that a group of comrades had addressed the council with a question about the theaters’ repertoire policy. Among them is the writer Svyatoslav Rybas, who at the end of July published a column in Literaturnaya Gazeta under the heading “Tolstoy without protection” . Referring to the strategy of national security, he said that the national idea of ​​Russia is the preservation of national identity, and offered to “look at the theatrical world.”

The column says that in Sergei Prokofiev’s opera War and Peace, directed by Graham Wick at the Mariinsky Theater, the heroes of Leo Tolstoy’s novel are presented “as not quite normal people.” “What is Vic’s interpretation of the light image of Natasha Rostova: a prostitute,” Rybas wrote.

The author of the column also recalled the staging of Richard Wagner’s opera “Tannhäuser” at the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater. Because of her, the director of the play, Timofey Kulyabin, was accused of offending the feelings of believers . Rybas’s claims were also caused by the ballet Anna Karenina staged by John Neumeier at the Bolshoi Theater and Konstantin Bogomolov’s performance The Musketeers. Saga. Part One ”at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater.

At the end of July, the Investigative Committee of Russia began checking the performances of the Sovremennik Theater – after veteran organizations complained about the play “First Bread” with Lia Akhedzhakova in the title role. They discovered in the production an insult to veterans, incitement to ethnic hatred and “blatant propaganda of same-sex love.”

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  • People are already writng politically correct poems. “An ode to a ballistic missile” will be a hit.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    “there is a huge section concerning the preservation of spiritual, moral and patriotic values.”
    That’s the funny part. Mafia land has no spiritualness, no morals and is patriotic only for the squeaking sewer rat and his dedicated fellows in crime.

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