Ukraine’s Nato aspirations

By Lemuel Chyme. Palookaville Post. August 2. 2021

Ukraine and Georgia were promised membership back in 2008 by Dubya. France and Germany objected. Quelle surprise! Not.

Russia responded by invading Georgia in 2008 and thieving 20% of their land. Then Ukraine in 2014; this time thieving 7% of their land.

The west responded with…. pretty much nothing. Since then it has been made blindingly obvious that Georgia was tricked by the EU in 2008. It sent the corrupt Russia asset Sarkozy to ‘negotiate’ the end of the invasion. The result was the gifting of South Ossetia and Abkhazia to Russia, followed by a sick joke of a report in which the EU officially blamed Georgia for Putin’s invasion; despite Georgia troops never having left their own land. You literally could not make it up. This report has been used frequently in western media by Russian agents of influence such as Peter Hitchens, to justify Putin’s actions. Since that time, not a single thing has been said or done by anyone to even attempt to remove Russian occupiers from Georgia.

In 2014 it was Ukraine’s turn to suffer from Russian savagery and be tricked by the EU, who inserted ‘honest brokers’ Merkel and Hollande into the sick jokes that became the Minsk Protocol and the Normandy Format.

I don’t think anyone then knew the extent of French and German treachery. Not even Obama, who delegated the handling of the crisis to Biden, who promptly installed his degenerate son into a ‘Ukrainian’ energy company in an absurdly well-paid sinecure, despite being a coke-addled imbecile. The company is actually registered in Limassol and is owned by a Yanukovich/Putin crony.

Just when it appeared in 2015 that things were looking up for Ukraine; with the possibility of a GOP administration, the chosen candidate started making inflammatory statements that condoned the theft of Crimea. Unfortunately it turned out that the Trump wing of the GOP were contemptuous of Ukraine and mysteriously supportive of Russia.

And so Ukraine’s agony continued. In 2020, the Biden team started making statements of intent : they were going to be much tougher on Russia. The Kyiv Post; which seems to be a Dem-friendly paper, got quite excited.

Just a few short months later, we now know the truth: Biden pretended to be pro-Ukraine but then stabbed the whole nation in the back with his endorsement with Russian agent Merkel of NS2.

Putin issued his version of Mein Kampf, which threatened to destroy Ukraine unless it allowed itself to once again be a Russian dominion. The response from America? Deafening silence. Actually not quite: Biden announced that Ukraine would not be joining Nato due to ‘corruption issues’. Talk about kicking a man when he’s down! This despite some of the most corrupt countries in Europe already being Nato members.

Ukraine’s agony (and Georgia’s too of course) will continue until 2024. And then who knows what? An even further left Dem administration? The return of Trump?* The election of a Republican from the Trump wing of the party? None of these options are very appetizing. The man who could make a difference; the best Republican since John McCain: Marco Rubio, is unfortunately not particularly popular. Neither is fellow Cuban Ted Cruz. Who else is there? Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo? Both are not bad on Russia.

*Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka appears to have confirmed that Trump will run again in 2024.

What can Ukraine do in the meantime?

The admirable Dmytro Kuleba is doing a good job and battling away with the Crimean Platform initiative. We have to wait and see who he has managed to rope in to this process.

There are 195 countries in the UN. 54 are in Africa; we can forget them. 48 in Asia; we can forget most of them. 33 in Latin America and the Caribbean; we can forget most of them. 14 in Oceana; we can forget them except Australia. (NZ is currently run by a Marxist). 2 in North America.

That leaves 44 in Europe. Only 10 of those 44 are openly anti-Russia. Some others are wavering. 7 are openly pro-Russia: France, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Denmark, Italy and Hungary.

Sweden, Pribaltika, Holland, Britain, Poland, Moldova, Georgia and Turkey are definitely on Ukraine’s side. Add the US, Can, Aus and you get 13. So who are the other 15?

Mr Kuleba has managed to get 28 to commit. I’d say that is a tremendous achievement and he is to be congratulated. I’d love to know the final list and look forward to seeing some pleasant surprises. Of course some quisling countries like France and Germany may decide to play along, but are not to be trusted. Their officials will probably pass on any intel they glean onto their putinazi pals.

So what should Ukraine do next? Their Nato aspirations are going to be dashed repeatedly, simply because the membership is crawling with Russia quislings. It appears that sadly the Budapest signatories are not going to honour their commitments either. At least not unless or until Rubio is in the WH.

Ukraine should work diligently to build a powerful new security apparatus consisting of their most reliable local allies: Poland, Moldova, Georgia, Turkey and Pribaltika. They should try to get Britain, Sweden, Holland, Czechia, Slovakia and Romania on board. Given Romania’s key strategic position, I would place huge emphasis on repairing that relationship.

This lot combined have tremendous firepower; more than enough to see off Russia if they all showed the courage and determination needed. There is a possibility that putinoid scum Orban might get kicked out next year, which could make Hungary an unlikely new ally.

With this alliance, they could dominate the Black Sea and ensure that Russia no longer is a lethal threat to its neighbours. If this was easy of course, they would have done it by now, but they must try.


  • Although Russia has many shit countries that endorse its savagery, only a small number are prepared to officially recognise Crimea as Russia. They are:
    Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, Zimbabwe, NK, Nicaragua, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela.

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  • Russian propaganda is so pernicious that many people living in western democracies have a ridiculously benign view of Russia and a contemptuous view of Ukraine. Russia’s investment in lies is to make sure that any military intervention in Ukraine by America or Britain will be untenable for their govts. Many people believe ridiculous lies such as eg: it was Ukraine, not Russia, that brought down M17, Ukraine is part of Russia and is in a civil war, Ukraine is known only for gangsters, people traffickers, mail order brides/“romance” scams etc, when it is actually Russia that is responsible for all those unpleasant things.

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