The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation allowed hospitals to use medicines purchased by patients or charitable organizations

Russian medical institutions no longer face fines for using drugs purchased by patients or other organizations. The corresponding amendments, writes Kommersant, the Ministry of Health has made to the rules of compulsory health insurance (CHI). 

Until now, hospitals and other health facilities have only had to use drugs purchased from their own pharmacies to treat inpatients. Otherwise, they were threatened with fines.

Now, the newspaper writes, they will be able, for example, to use drugs purchased from the federal budget under the program for financing the treatment of rare diseases, as well as purchased from regional budgets or donated by charitable organizations.

Representatives of charitable organizations and medical lawyers interviewed by Kommersant generally positively assess the amendments adopted by the Ministry of Health, however, some interlocutors of the publication expressed doubts that the innovation would radically change the situation

Thus, the co-chairman of the All-Russian Union of Patients, Yuri Zhulev, doubts that the amendments will ensure “full legalization” of the patient’s drugs in hospitals.

“It’s not enough not to punish, it is also necessary to introduce a payment mechanism for such a service – the work of a nurse and a doctor, and into the compulsory medical insurance system, and not out of the patient’s pocket,” he said.

(C)MEDUZ A2021

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  • Because Russia dont care in any way about the people Russian hospitals have no medicines. But they had to pay fines for medicines never delivered by the state. Anyway, now the family of the patients must pay up.

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