Belarusian runner Kristina Timanovskaya asked for political asylum in Poland

Belarusian athlete Kristina Timanovskaya, who was removed from the Olympics after criticizing the leadership of the national team, applied for political asylum in Poland. This was announced by the executive director of the Belarusian Sports Solidarity Fund Alexander Opeikin on the air of “Present Time”.

She is now in Tokyo. She is already in contact with the International Olympic Committee and the press. She has already applied for political asylum in Poland, so she is already on her way. She’s all right. He is holding up well, it is clear that this is a stressful situation not only for an athlete, but also for a person – to be under such pressure.

In turn, the Secretary of State at the French Foreign Ministry, Clement Bon,  said that “it would be an honor for Europe” to provide political asylum to Timanovskaya.

On August 1, the National Olympic Committee of Belarus removed Kristina Timanovskaya from the Olympics. The athlete herself said that sports officials are forcing her to return to Belarus, although on August 2 she was supposed to take part in a preliminary race at a distance of 200 meters.

Earlier, Timanovskaya said on Instagram that she was announced without warning for an additional distance at the Olympics – a relay race of 4 × 400 meters. Timanovskaya was supposed to replace one of the athletes, who, according to the runner herself, was dismissed due to the fault of sports officials.

Arriving at Tokyo airport for a flight to Belarus, Timanovskaya turned to the police and recorded a video asking for help addressed to the International Olympic Committee. She remained in Tokyo, claiming that she fears criminal prosecution in Belarus.

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  • I hope this woman has thought about the persecution her family in Belarus will be subjected to. There is something not quite right about this whole episode. There is more to this than just refusing to run a race, I think she planned to escape from Belarus all along. I wonder why she dropped plans to seek asylum in Austria? Someone gave her good advice I hope.

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    • Belarusian athlete Khrystyna Timanovska, who was suspended from participating in the 2020 Olympic Games , received a Polish humanitarian visa. Authorities have assured that he will help the girl to continue her sports career.

      This was announced by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Martin Pszydach on Twitter .

      “Belarusian athlete Khrystyna Timanovska is already in direct contact with Polish diplomats in Tokyo. She has received a humanitarian visa,” the statement said.

      The diplomat assured that Poland stands for solidarity.

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  • The KGB is speaking now to her parents in Belarus. 12 years Gulag for them no doubt.

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