‘Russia may cut itself off completely from the West,’ Sergey Medvedev says

Edited by: A. N.

Historian Sergey Medvedev, author of the 2020 book The Return of the Russian Leviathan, says that he “does not exclude that Russia may fully close itself off from the West,” reject the bases of modernity, and become something like Belarus given that there is little resistance among the Russian population to the Kremlin’s drive in that direction.

What is already taking place, the HSE scholar says, is the formation of “a medieval strata-based society” where people’s legal status depends on their membership in one or another and where these are almost completely fixed (desk-russie.eu; in Russian at graniru.org).

“The main aspect of bourgeois revolutions was the establishment of equality of all before the law,” Medvedev says. “But in Russia this equality has been taken away from people” and “the country has become one of total inequality.” Worse, this has been accepted by the overwhelming majority of the population.

Ever fewer Russians say that what the Kremlin has done to Alexei Navalny is wrong, a trend which “shows that people accept the state’s right to use force in relation to a citizen” and that the people recognize and accept “their own lack of rights.” Moreover, there has been “a normalization of force and terror” because of the state’s use of it.

According to Medvedev, “Russia is proceeding along the Belarusian path.” That country, despite is modernized aspects, has been “transformed into a terrorist state, and there is no guarantee that Russia will not go along precisely the same path.”

Those Russians who oppose this trend can emigrate; but if they remain in their own country, they either have to be willing to face severe consequences or adapt. Few will choose the first, and most will simply try to get along, given that the standard of living is not that bad for most.

Russian military instructors train local troops of Putin’s children “army” to use combat weapons in occupied Crimea. The Russian Defense Ministry founded Yunarmia (“Youth Army”) troops for children aged from 8 to 18 years old across Russia and Russia-occupied territories in 2016, two years after Russia’s anschluss of the Ukrainian peninsula. Photo: social media

The possibilities for the West to do something are severely limited, as “any dollar or euro received from abroad may lead to the persecution of an individual or organization.” Consequently, what is needed is the formation of “new centers of Russian culture in which the intellect of the nation will be preserved.” And these centers will be abroad.

Inside Russia, the Kremlin has created and imposed a quasi-religious cult of militarism and war. In Soviet times, people said “let there not be war.” Now, Russians are encouraged to think that they can repeat their victory.

“The cult of Victory [in WW2] has been transformed into a chauvinist and militarism cult of war with elements of a religious cult.”

In fact, Medvedev argues, “this is more than a religion; this is a government ideology” despite the constitutional ban against such things.

Children performing in an official Victory Day ceremony, “We Are the Heirs of the Victory,” organized by the occupation administration in Sevastopol in Russian-occupied Crimea, April 19, 2020. Photo: Krymr.org (RFE/RL)

When Vladimir Sorokin wrote The Day of the Oprichnik in 2006, his vision of such an anti-utopia in Russia seemed grotesque and unimaginable. But now what he predicted is becoming true, especially as “Russia is becoming the younger brother of China, its vassal,” and as China is filled with hatred to the West.

The only limiting factor is that “in Russia, as always, the cruelty of law will be softened by the fact that it won’t always be enforced. This will not be a dictatorship of the North Korean type or an ideological one like Iran. It will be a corrupt thieving post-modernist Russian dictatorship.” This can go on for a long time, Medvedev says; but when oil runs out and the regime has to react, one can hope for change. In the immediate future, however, the situation in Russia will be “terrible and funny at one and the same time.”

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  • According to Medvedev, “Russia is proceeding along the Belarusian path.” That country, despite is modernized aspects, has been “transformed into a terrorist state, and there is no guarantee that Russia will not go along precisely the same path.”

    I would argue that Belarus are going along the Russian path. Belarus have not shot down any civilian airlines, then tried to blame someone else. They haven’t invaded other countries. They haven’t murdered critics in foreign countries. Nope, Russia is the terrorist state, Belarus are just being transformed into one.

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    • He’s also a bit shy about admitting the true nature of the regime. Being charitable it’s a fascist regime. Although I would argue that it’s actually a fully-fledged national socialist regime. But one thing we can all agree on:
      It should be cut off from the west completely.

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      • The West should help them in every way possible. Sever them completely from all technology, the internet, banking systems and sharing no technology whatsoever, then apply the same to the Chinks.

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        • I just imagined a campaign rally while reading this article, it went something like this:
          We’re going to raise your taxes for modernized weapons!
          We’re going to restrict travel so you don’t visit other places!
          We’re going to put people back in gulags if they want freedom!
          We’re going to ration food so we can look more like North Koreans!
          We’re going to make policy so that we can relive 1984 as long as possible!

          Its hard to sanction or do something to change bad behavior when they don’t believe its bad behavior. Its clear Putin has won the struggle to convince Russians that PAIN is PATRIOTISM.

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          • It’s a winner!
            Hitler too was very popular. The British installed secret recording devices in the roofs of the prison blocks where nazi POW’s were held in Britain. They hoped to get lots of criticism from the POW’s of their shitty little fuhrer to use for propaganda. Instead they got the opposite. Plus lots of demonic stuff from soldiers who had invaded Ukraine. Casual remarks about the beauty of Ukrainian women, plus how much they enjoyed raping them before murdering them. These horror tapes have been preserved and are kept in some secret facility.

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  • Best thing for all concerned.
    Anyone with some gumption to make a better life for them selves can leave. The Putin lovers can stay and not be distracted from enjoying their misery by images of what life could be.
    The West doesn’t have to deal with Russo-trash.

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