On the Ukrainian landing ship captured by the Russians, the flag and jack of the Russian Navy were raised: included in the fleet?

On the large landing ship of the Ukrainian Navy “Konstantin Olshansky”, seized by the Russian invaders in March 2014, they raised the flag and jackets of the navy of the aggressor country.

This is reported by Russian propaganda media.

Most likely, the BDK will be included in the Russian Navy with tail number 402.

Recall that the enemy has been preparing the ship for commissioning since 2016 . Then it was painted in the colors of the combat units of the Russian fleet. In addition, the invaders began repairing two Olshansky diesel engines, one of which had not worked before the war, and the second damaged the Ukrainian crew on the day of the capture.

The large landing ship of project 775 “Konstantin Olshansky” was one of the most modern combat units of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. It was laid down and built in 1985 in Gdansk, Poland.

The ship is intended for landing marines, tanks and other military equipment on unprepared seaside bridgeheads. The length of the large landing craft is 112, 59 meters, the displacement is about 4 thousand tons. He can land on the coast up to a battalion of marines with a dozen amphibious tanks and armored personnel carriers. The landing is carried out using a bow landing device, consisting of a bow gate and a ramp.

To support the landing, Olshansky is armed with two MS-73 Groza multiple rocket launchers, capable of firing at intervals of 0.5 seconds at a distance of 21 km, and two 57-mm AK-725 guns with remote guidance.

“Olshansky” was used more than once in humanitarian operations to evacuate refugees from combat zones and interethnic conflicts. In 1993-94, he took out about 4,000 refugees from the zone of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, and in 2011 he evacuated Ukrainians from Libya.

In 2016, it became known about the upcoming inclusion in the Russian Black Sea Fleet of another stolen unit of the Ukrainian Navy – the control ship “Slavutich” .

After the capture, the Olshanskiy stood in the South Bay of Sevastopol for almost six years, and the Slavutich at the base of the 30th division of the Russian Black Sea Fleet ships. On March 12, 2020, both ships were transferred to Engineering Bay.


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