Iron Biden – Purple Haze (The Jimi Hendrix Experience)


  • Excuse me while I ….. you know the thing!

    Extracted from comments :

    “There must be some kind way out of here” –
    Said Biden to Kamala. –
    “There is so much confusion.
    I can’t get no relief.
    The Trump, he drinks my wine,
    The russians dig my earth
    And no one in the line
    Don’t know its real worth”.
    Joe Bylan – All along the walltower

    Breadtube Review
    2 weeks ago
    “excuse me, while I sniff your child” A BANN NAN NAN, A NANN NANN NANN, A NANN NANN NANN!

    Derrell Self
    1 week ago
    Purple Haze, flying in the air 🎵
    Bring your daughters 🎶
    So I can sniff their hair 🎵

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  • onlyfactsplease

    I saw this video earlier this week, Sir Scradge, and almost posted it on here myself. 😁
    It goes to show you that we aren’t the only ones upset with this asswipe .. and this so soon after his inauguration.

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    • I thought long and hard before posting it. But it is very funny. I don’t think Jimi would have minded; he had a great sense of humour and was apolitical. But I think he would have been supportive of the plight of ex-dominion countries being menaced by a filthy nazi.

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