In the Nikolaev area the largest farm in Europe on cultivation of shrimps is build

LLC “Aquilfer” Tiligul “, in the village of Tashine, Mykolaiv region, intends in October 2021 to complete the construction of Europe’s largest full-cycle enterprise for the production of Pacific white-legged shrimp.

This was announced by the project manager Lubomyr Haidamaka, reports the  National Industrial Portal with reference to “Interfax-Ukraine” .

He clarified that this is the first stage of the aquaculture complex on the shores of the Tiligul estuary, the productivity of the farm will be up to 500 tons / year of finished products, and investment in the project – UAH 200 million. In the future, Tiligul intends to build an incubator of marine fish fry on the territory of the complex: sea bass, dorado, baramundi and grouper – with a total value of about EUR20 million, capable of producing up to 1 thousand tons / year of marketable fish.

According to the project manager, Tiligul Aqua Farm is creating a vertically oriented production that fully meets its own needs for raw materials. After the launch of the enterprise, the project will include its own feed mill, master all processing processes, as well as have its own breeding herd and incubator for shrimp fry. The company also intends to sell surplus planting material for crustacean feed, feed and intermediate products to other companies that want to develop aquaculture in Ukraine.

“We are creating an” anchor “facility that will allow other companies to engage in such business,” said Haidamaka, adding that the company has plans to create an industrial park in this area for aquaculture.

According to Haidamaki, Ukraine annually imports about 2.4 thousand tons of crustaceans a year. The vast majority of exports are krill and crustaceans, while the market capacity of Pacific white-legged shrimp (or “royal”) – 200-300 tons / year. Currently, according to the expert, this representative of aquaculture is not produced in the country, but is imported only in frozen form, while “Tiligul” intends to produce chilled shrimp.

“It (white-legged shrimp – IF) is an object of aquaculture №1 among crustaceans, in the world they are grown from the 50-60s. It is completely “domesticated”, reproduces in the conditions of farms, the necessary genetics has already been developed. They are imported from Thailand or America. We are currently working on this issue, “Haidamaka said.

He also said that after the production reaches full capacity, the company will be able to meet the needs of shrimp in both the domestic and European markets. Aquaculture Tiligul is considering export options to the European Union, as its market is the third largest in the world in terms of shrimp imports after the United States and China, and its value there varies between EUR40-100 / kg. According to him, all EU countries in 2020 produced a total of 467 tons of this product with much higher domestic demand for it, which makes the idea of ​​exporting shrimp grown there in Ukraine profitable.

Haydamak clarified that the company is now preparing to certify its products according to European standards. An agreement has already been signed with a Thai consulting company to provide the services of specialists who will take care of growing shrimp larvae, as there are no staff in Ukraine capable of providing its livestock of proper quality. The total estimated number of employees of the enterprise is 32-34 people.

The project manager noted that the framework of the aqua farm has now been almost completed, and its official launch is scheduled for October 10, 2021. However, the timing may be disrupted by rainy weather, which has already slowed down construction.

The choice of the site for construction in the village of Tashyne (Mykolaiv region) was influenced by the presence of a 110 kV electric substation near it, which will allow connecting directly to the central network, access roads and seawater of proper quality in the Tiligul estuary, the expert said.

According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, the ultimate beneficiary of Tiligul Aquafarm LLC is Vsevolod Kovalchuk, former Chairman of the Board of NEC Ukrenergo.


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