At a meeting with voters, the State Duma deputy demanded that they sign a pledge to live up to 80 years. After refusal, he called the temple they are building “barn”

In the Kurgan region, Russian State Duma deputy Alexander Iltyakov, at a meeting with residents of the Polovinsky district, demanded that they sign a “longevity agreement” obliging all those who signed it to live up to 80 years. After the refusal, he called the temple, which is being built in the area, “barn”. Writes about this

Iltyakov has been concluding “longevity agreements” with residents of different districts of the Kurgan region since the end of June. The deputy invites them to sign a pledge not to abuse alcohol and lead an active lifestyle, as well as “give smiles, wish only good, not get angry and not get angry, live with love and forgiveness to each other.” The deputy himself stated that this idea was blessed by Metropolitan Daniel of Kurgan and Belozersk. 

Residents of the Polovinsky district, whom the deputy proposed to sign an agreement, refused to do so – they said that they already comply with all the conditions that are spelled out in it, but they are still not sure that they will live to 80 years old, because of the poor living conditions in the region. 

Then the local priest told Iltyakov that his proposed obligations are already contained in the Gospel, so there is no need to sign additional documents, and instead suggested talking about speeding up the construction of a local church, which they have not been able to complete for 15 years. In response, the deputy said that “this shed” is not needed by anyone. After that, he was booed, and many of those present left the hall. 

The deputy himself called the incident “sabotage”, accusing the opponents of the governor of the Kurgan region and the head of the district administration for the incident. 

Iltyakov is a State Duma deputy from United Russia. He is a member of the committee for the development of civil society, issues of public and religious associations.

The property Iltyakova until 2020 was the personal temple area of 601 square meter.

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