The US Department of Justice has announced the involvement of Russians in the hacking of prosecutors’ e-mail in 2020

The victims of the cyberattack were 27 district attorneys’ offices in four counties in New York State.Hackers received data of sent and received letters / REUTERSHackers received data of sent and received letters / REUTERS

Russian hackers involved in a cyber attack on SolarWinds in December 2020 hacked the e-mail of federal prosecutors.

This is stated in a statement by the US Department of State.

According to new data, a hacker group from Advanced Persistent Threat, which is linked to Russian intelligence, responsible for the attack on SolarWinds, hacked Microsoft accounts from May 7 to December 27, 2020.

The victims of the cyberattack were 27 district attorney’s offices in four districts of New York, where the attackers gained access to at least 80% of employees.

Hackers obtained data from sent and received letters, saved letters and attachments.

Hacker attack in the United States: what happened before

  • On December 13, 2020, Reuters reported that  hackers had hacked into the  US Treasury Department and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and stolen data.
  • On December 14, the National Cyber ​​Security Coordination Center under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine warned of a  high level of cyber threat in Ukraine  due to a large-scale cyber attack in the United States.
  • The hack occurred through the SolarWinds Orion Platform product management system update server (its versions 2019.4 – 2020.2.1 HF1). Almost all US government agencies were affected . Businesses that use this product are encouraged to check their networks for compromise. Information on how to detect a threat in SolarWinds Orion products can be downloaded at the  link .
  • The attack is linked to the activities of the hacker group APT29 or  Cozy Bear , which is partly accused of links with the Russian foreign intelligence service.

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