The Turkish manufacturer will install Ukrainian engines on all new models of Bayraktar drones

Turkish unmanned combat system MİUS Image: Baykar

Turkish company Baykar Makina uses Ukrainian engines in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Now they are used on the new generation of Akıncı drones, in the future they plan to install them on all the company’s products.

 Baykar Makina CEO Halyuk Bayraktar told Dom TV channel about this.

According to him, among the countries neighboring Ukraine, Baykar Makina was the first company to pay attention to Ukrainian technologies and offer full-scale cooperation, which was concluded in 2018.

“Relations in the field of drone production between Ukraine and Turkey, especially in recent years, have become of strategic importance. The technology of the aviation industry of Ukraine is at the highest level, at the level of world standards. And we have something to give each other in this cooperation… we are confident that through the efforts of our scientists, Turkish and Ukrainian, we will reach new horizons in the production of high-quality unmanned aerial vehicles, “said Bayraktar.

He stressed that the construction of the UAV will develop, so cooperation with Ukraine will expand.

“Our plans also include the production of modernized equipment, more modern aircraft. And we intend to install engines of the Ukrainian manufacturer on all our equipment which will be made in the near future », – the general director declared.

Flight of the first serial UAV Akinci Photo: Baykar Defense

Bayraktar demonstrated the latest generation Akinci drone (“Akinchi”, “Akinji”), on which Ukrainian engines are installed.

“This is one of our main novelties now. Impact drone [Akinci], which is equipped with a Ukrainian engine. This is a technology that is now owned by literally a few countries in the world. Two or three countries. This is a new generation unmanned aerial vehicle, it will be able to work on strategic long-distance routes, “he said.

Production of drones can be organized in Ukraine.

“Everything depends on Ukraine. If Ukraine is interested in the production of such aircraft, Turkey is happy to cooperate, to implement joint production programs. Of course, for the countries that have faced the problem of protection, preservation of their territorial integrity, the products of our company and these technologies are strategically important, “the CEO assured.

It will be recalled that the Armed Forces of Ukraine already have several Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles, which include stationary, mobile and ship control stations, as well as 12 unmanned aerial vehicles – 6 in the Air Force and 6 in the Ukrainian Navy. The Navy received improved drones with increased range.


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