Russia will build a new orbiting space station

Russia will create a new orbiting space station that will replace the ISS. The corresponding decision was made by the scientific and technical council of Roscosmos.

In order to prevent the termination of the continuous development of the near-earth space infrastructure, it is proposed to create a national manned space complex in low earth orbit – the Russian orbital service station.

It is assumed that the station will begin operation by 2028, during which the completion of the ISS is scheduled.

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  1. Yet another project brought to you by the makers of mythical machinery. I suppose this space station will be hypersonic, loaded with nukes and it will be invincible, if it ever leaves the PC screen.

  2. Crap, why not? After inventing alternative history, why not invent imaginary space stations? Next, warp drive and beam-me-up-Scotty machine. Never mind that 30% of the people don’t even have toilets.
    What do they smoke, drop, drink or inject in the Kremlin?

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