Artem State Joint-Stock Company has received a contract worth more than $ 200 million for the production of R-27 missiles

Artem State Joint-Stock Company received the largest contract for the supply of R-27 aircraft missiles to a foreign customer in the last 10-15 years. It costs more than $ 200 million.

This was  announced in an interview with  ArmyInform by the President – Chairman of the Board of the State Joint-Stock Holding Company (SACC) “Artem” Vladimir Zimin, reports the  National Industrial Portal .

“This year, the company received an advance and began fulfilling the largest contract in the last 10-15 years for the supply of R-27 missiles worth more than $ 200 million. This is a huge amount of work for us for several years.

In different years, the company produced almost the entire line of air-to-air missiles for Su and MiG fighters. “The R-27 missile is our main pride and a” feeding cow “with a huge export potential,” Zimin said.

It will be recalled that in November 2020, the company received a contract to supply India with spare parts for R-27 air-to-air missiles worth more than $ 8 million.

Modular scheme of the R-27 missile Photo: Artem State Joint-Stock Company

The R-27 family of air-to-air missiles intercepts and destroys manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as cruise missiles in long-range and short-range, maneuverable air combat. The rocket has a modular design, consisting of a hardware unit with a guidance head, warhead and solid propellant engine, with three power units of the suspension. It is part of the armament of MiG and Su aircraft.


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  1. Score another one for the good guys.
    This is a double win for Ukraine in that both Indonesia and India were traditionally Russian controlled markets. 200 million for Ukraine and 200 less for Russia.
    US sanctions on the purchase of Russian equipment and poor Russian business practices have opened up those markets to other suppliers. Ukraine, US, and France have taken huge chunks of those markets. None of which has been good for Russian Military industries.

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