Ukraine developed and manufactured the first industrial energy storage system

Unique industrial energy storage system in Vinnytsia. Photo: Sergey Morgunov

The first industrial energy storage system fully developed, designed and manufactured in Ukraine will be tested in Vinnytsia.

The capacity of the storage system will be 1 MW, and the capacity will be 1 MWh.

Vinnytsia City Council has issued KNESS town-planning conditions and restrictions on the construction of an industrial energy storage system.

“I congratulate the Ukrainian manufacturer on its own development of the energy storage system. This is an important component for balancing the power system, where the capacity of SES and WPPs is growing. This event once again proves that Ukraine is able to create its own energy-independent future by developing “green” energy and the necessary storage systems for this, “said Yuri Shafarenko, Deputy Head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency, and stressed the need to adopt a legislative framework energy.

“Such innovative solutions are strategically important not only for Vinnytsia, but for the whole country. This makes it possible to increase the flexibility and efficiency of the power system. And in the future – to increase the production of clean electricity from renewable sources, “- said Mayor Sergei Morgunov.


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