The United Kingdom is writing off two minesweepers for further transfer to Ukraine

Sandown HMS Bangor minesweeper near Tobruk, Libya.

In the Scottish city of Rosight on August 4, it is planned to officially decommission two anti-mine ships of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom type Sandown.

These are HMS Ramsey (M110) and HMS Blyth (M111). Probably these are the minesweepers Ukraine buys for its Navy.

It will be recalled that on June 21, 2021, in Odessa, aboard the destroyer of the Royal Navy HMS Defender D36, a Memorandum on the implementation of maritime partnership projects between the industry consortium of the United Kingdom and the Ukrainian Navy was signed . The document covers the construction of two bases, the sale of two minesweepers, eight rocket boats and the modernization of Ukrainian shipbuilding enterprises.

HMS Ramsey was launched in 1999, in service since 2000. HMS Blyth was launched in 2000, in service since 2001. Both were built by Vosper Thornycrof.

These ships are designed to search for and destroy sea mines using remote-controlled search engines and do not have devices for trawling mines.

A pair of diesels of 1523 hp accelerate the ship to 13 knots. There is also an electric motor for silent running. The minesweepers are armed with a 30-mm Mark 44 Bushmaster II cannon, three six-barrel 7.62-mm Minigan machine guns and a pair of general-purpose machine guns. The ships are equipped with radars and mine search systems, including a powerful sonar.

Sandown minesweeper. Photo: Naval Technology

Before selling to Ukraine, minesweepers are modernized and equipped with modern equipment.

Brief technical characteristics (TTX) of minesweepers of the “Sandown” type:

  • Displacement: 484 tons (full)
  • Length – 52.5 meters
  • Width – 10.5 meters
  • Precipitation – 2.3 meters
  • Speed ​​- up to 13 knots on a diesel, up to 6.5 knots on an electric installation
  • Crew – up to 40 people
  • Armament – 1×30-mm remote-controlled module, machine guns
  • Special equipment – automated mine control system Atlas Elektronik IMCMS, towed GAS, mine search devices

The UK plans to gradually replace all “mine hunters” such as Sandown with remotely controlled or autonomous systems based on small boats.

Photo: Mykolayiv is a city of shipbuilders

It should be noted that after the occupation of the Crimea, of the minesweepers in the Ukrainian Navy, only the raid minesweeper “Genichesk” (M360) of the project 1258E, built in 1984, remained. Two 266M naval minesweepers, Chernihiv (U310) and Cherkasy (U311), built in 1974 and 1977, remained in the Russian-occupied Crimea.



  1. Very good. But FFS just give them to Ukraine. Along with America, we unfortunately reneged on Budapest, so we need to be a lot more helpful from now on.

    • The US has offered Ukraine decommissioned Perry Class frigates. According to one Admiral the navy does not have the budget, manpower or even adequate docking facilities. He further stated the yearly maintenance for one Perry would consume the maintenance budget for the entire navy.
      When the US allocates X amount of dollars to a country that means they can choose what US made equipment they want, with some limitations obviously. In Ukraine’s case they never chose bigger ships.
      That was at the tail end of Poroshenko term so it seems the budget has improved and the offer still stands. However they seem prefer to spend their money on newer more modern designs such as the Turkish Ada corvettes. They is not with out merit the Perrys are very out dated and maintenance intensive.
      Unfortunately they are the only warships we have to give them.
      On a positive note the US will be decommissioning several Ticonderoga Class cruisers soon. It would be cool if one ended up in the Ukraine navy.

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