Lukashenko does not exclude Russian troops deployment in Belarus

However, he stated there is absolutely no need for it considering modern weapons

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko mentioned that he was ready to deploy Russian army bases in the republic if it would be necessary for the security of the Union State, as BelTA reported.

“If we have to deploy all the armed forces with all kinds of weapons here for the sake of security of the Union State that we are building, for the sake of security of Belarus and Russia, it will be done immediately,” the president stated.

He also pointed that now there is no need for this.

At the same time, he claimed that the deployment of Russian bases in Belarus has never been discussed at the level of the presidents. Primarily because there is absolutely no need for it considering modern weapons.

As it was reported earlier, Lukashenko has signed a law on strengthening responsibility for violating the order of holding mass events, as well as for participating in extremist activities and promoting extremist activities.

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