Lukashenko calls Tikhanovskaya a fool and a scoundrel (video)

Alexander Lukashenko told how Svitlana Tikhanovskaya allegedly came to him and asked for money to leave Belarus.Alexander Lukashenko / photo by REUTERSAlexander Lukashenko / photo by REUTERS

Alexander Lukashenko told how he allegedly rescued opposition leader Svitlana Tikhanovska  and gave her $ 15,000 to leave Belarus.

The video, in which Lukashenko tells his story, was published by the Telegram channel Nexta Live .

“She says I read this in a report today that she was forced to leave Belarus and threatened that almost children would be abducted there. This is after they wanted to burn them in the house. It was all set up when they convened this whole Coordinating Council and went to a separate house. And this fool went there, “- said Lukashenko. called Tikhanovskaya a fool and a scoundrel

According to him, that day she came to him and asked for money to leave Belarus.

“We did everything she asked. Well, go to the children, I understand. I do not fight against women at all. Did not have time to leave, as she calls – she says she has no money. I say:” Take, ask the state company “. How much does she want? 15 thousand dollars. They gave 15 thousand dollars, it’s still children. That’s what happened. And today she says that she was threatened that her children were taken away from her, you bastard! I’m talking about her for the first time, though I am not at war with women, “Lukashenko said.

(C)UNIAN 2021


  • onlyfactsplease

    Loony Luka is a typical post-Soviet despot. He not only oppresses, steals, tortures and murders but also lies like a school child. Maybe Svitlana Tikhanovskaya should repay his lies by telling the world she caught him with the smurf’s pencil dick in his stupid mouth. Maybe it’s not even a lie…

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  • Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

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