Ex-judge Chaus was found in one of the villages in Vinnytsia region – the media

Chaus said he had been abducted by unknown individuals and confirmed that he was a former judge of Kyiv’s Dnipro District Court.Mykola Chaus was found in Vinnytsia region / photo by UNIANMykola Chaus was found in Vinnytsia region / photo by UNIAN

Ex-judge Mykola Chaus , who was abducted in April 2021 by unknown individuals, was found in a village in Vinnytsia region.

This was reported by ” Censor.net ” and ” Country ” with reference to sources.

So, the inhabitant of the village of Mazurivka called police and reported that he found the citizen Nikolay Chaus, born in 1966.

Chaus told him that he had been abducted by unknown individuals and confirmed that he was a former judge of the Dniprovsky District Court of Kyiv. During the inspection it became known that he is wanted by NABU under Part 4 of Art. 368 of the Criminal Code. Militiamen left on a place.

The publication also published a photo of Chaus in one underwear, indicating that it was taken in the village council.Photo taken in the village council / photo strana.uaPhoto taken in the village council / photo strana.ua

Chaus’s wife, Svitlana, confirmed to Strana that her husband was in the photo, but said she did not know he was found.

Chaus’s lawyer Oleksandr Vyshnevyi also confirmed that Judge Chaus was in the photo, Ukrainska Pravda reports .

At the same time, he could not say where his client is currently. Vyshnevy plans to contact Chaus’s wife, who is now in Moldova. According to him, if the information is confirmed, he will have to go to Vinnytsia region.

The police of the Vinnytsia region of the UE reported that they “do not have any information, the police are not investigating this case.”

At the same time, Ukrainian Pravda sources in law enforcement confirm that Chaus was found in a village in the Vinnytsia region.

The situation around ex-judge Chaus

  • On August 9, 2016, NABU detectives exposed Judge Chaus for receiving a $ 150,000 bribe for sentencing in the interests of the defendants. He kept the money in a glass jar .
  • The Verkhovna Rada agreed to detain the judge and prosecute him. However, Chaus, taking advantage of the judge’s legal immunity, left the territory of Ukraine. He was wanted. Chaus was later detained at Ukraine’s extradition request in Moldova.
  • The Commission on Citizens ‘Issues and the granting of political asylum under the President of Moldova rejected Chaus’ request for political asylum .
  • On November 28, 2017, the High Council of Justice decided to dismiss Chaus from the position of a judge of the Dniprovsky District Court of Kyiv.
  • On April 5, 2021, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Moldova Pavlo Voicu announced the abduction of Chaus .
  • On May 17, the telegram channel “ChausUA Mykola Chaus” published a video with Chaus, who stated that he was now safe and that no one had abducted him. The ex-judge promised to return to Ukraine in the near future. His wife and lawyers recognized the ex-judge, but believe that Chaus’s words in the video are involuntary and he was taken prisoner.
  • On May 19, a new video appeared in which Chaus says that he is going to pass on to his friends materials about his abduction in 2016. At the same time, Chaus’s Ukrainian lawyer does not believe in the voluntariness of such appeals and the authenticity of the materials stated by the ex-judge.
  • The Security Service of Ukraine is studying all materials related to the former Ukrainian judge Mykola Chaus, including the above-mentioned videos , which may become evidence in a previously opened criminal case.
  • (c)UNIAN 2021

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