German company Leifeld refused to supply high-precision equipment to the Ukrainian KB LUCH

Photo: KB “Ray”

The German company Leifeld refused to supply high-precision equipment to the State Kyiv Design Bureau Luch.

The Odessa forum “Effective for the defense industry,” said chief designer DKKB “Ray” Oleg Korostelev, said in the article Valentine Badrak “With an eye to NATO as the domestic defense industry plans to cooperate with the West” on .

“When we needed thermal imagers, we were helped by Turkey, when we needed modern drones, we were helped again by Turkey,” Korostelov said.

Valentin Badrak suggests that the German company refused under the influence of the desire to resume business with Russia.

This company, according to the information on its website, develops machines for forming metal without chip removal for the automotive, aerospace and energy industries. The site also states that Leifield has a representative office in Russia, which is located in Moscow.

It should be noted that a few years ago, the German government blocked the Ukrainian-German development of a mobile short-range anti-aircraft missile system, which was carried out by KPSP “Arsenal” in conjunction with Rheinmetall. Also in 2016, it was reported about the joint development of Pivdenne and Rheinmetall unmanned aerial vehicle anti-aircraft systems. The fire engine was planned to be equipped with a Skyshield system from Rheinmetall Defense with a 35-mm automatic gun. In the end, this project was not implemented either.



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