Why is Biden letting Putin win?

UkraineAlert by Diane Francis. July 27. 2021

Why is Biden letting Putin win?

US President Joe Biden conducts a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the East Room of the White House on Thursday, July 15, 2021. (POOL via CNP/INSTARimages)

Exactly what does the White House think it’s doing?

This month, Vladimir Putin’s pet project, the $11 billion Nord Stream 2 pipeline, was approved by the White House and Germany’s Chancellery against the wishes of the European Union, NATO, the EU energy policy, the US Congress, and Germany’s neighbors. Worse, the two signed a mushy agreement to keep Russia in line and prevent it from coercing Ukraine or Europe as a result of its energy monopoly, but didn’t require Russia to sign it. In other words, the deal is unenforceable.

This shocking diplomatic development is upsetting to those of us, and neighboring nation-states, who have supported Ukraine’s efforts to finally free itself from Soviet-style corruption, and Russian oligarchs and puppets. Thousands have invested in helping Ukrainians democratize and reform their government in order to become full-fledged members of the European community. Some have died trying. I myself have lost a newspaper in the effort.

For reformers and informed Kremlin-watchers, this setback is beyond disappointing. It is downright dangerous and strangely perplexing.

The White House has ignored off-the-shelf sanctions designed to stop the pipeline’s construction. It signed this “deal” with Germany even though it is an outgoing regime, a lame-duck coalition that may be removed by election in a matter of weeks. Worse, it was signed just days after Putin issued a 6,000-word manifesto declaring that Ukraine was not a sovereign nation, but part of Russia. The document was chilling and read like a de facto declaration of war.

Tragically, getting Russia—or the United States for that matter—to agree to anything involving Ukraine’s welfare has been foolhardy. In December 1994, three nuclear powers—the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States—signed the Budapest Memorandum which guaranteed the sanctity of the borders of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Their pledge was necessary to convince the three to voluntarily surrender their nuclear weapons following the dismantling of the Soviet Union.

But in 2014, after a democratic uprising in Ukraine overthrew Putin’s corrupt puppet President Viktor Yanukovych, Russia breached Ukraine’s borders and masterminded the invasion and occupation of 7.2 percent of Ukraine. Hiding behind proxies, Putin claimed these seizures were the result of separatist uprisings by Russians who lived in Ukraine.

No one was fooled by the “little green men” and so-called “separatists,” but none of the Budapest Memorandum signatories kept their pledges by intervening. Strong words were spoken, Russia was eventually booted out of the then-G8, but Moscow remained rooted in the Security Council as well as the United Nations. By contrast, the allies promptly kicked the Soviet Union out of the League of Nations in December 1939 for its aggression against Finland as part of a pact with Germany.

Once more, the same “Grand Game” continues. Russia and Germany, enabled by a distracted and increasingly isolationist United States, trample Europe and ignore the wishes of Central and Eastern European and Baltic nation-states. Since 2014, Ukraine has borne the cost of supporting its military (second only in size to France’s) to protect the eastern wall of Europe from incursion by Putin’s mighty military. So far, 14,000 have died, 1.3 million Ukrainians were displaced by the occupation, and the country’s industrial heartland looted and ruined, at an estimated cost of $30 billion.

Once again, Ukraine, Poland, and the others cannot rely on others for protection and should form an alliance to impede the pipeline’s final completion inside Germany—through its courts, media, and political system— as well as fight fiercely in Brussels against the excessive market dominance that Russia and its pipelines now represent.

Clearly, the US State Department and National Security Council lack expertise about Russia or the extent of its malevolence in the region and beyond—a lapse that worries Europeans as well as those who live wherever else Putin is fomenting trouble such as Africa, the Americas, the Black Sea region, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

They also don’t understand that Ukraine—with its agriculture, resources, and technology, —is key to Putin’s predations. The late Russia expert Zbigniew Brzezinski best summarized its significance to Europe and the West: “With Ukraine, Russia is an empire and without it, Russia is a poor Eastern European country.”

Putin nibbles away at his prey and has all but declared war. The tragedy is that the United States and Germany have now given him a pipeline with an enormous cash flow that will finance his conquests.

Diane Francis is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center, editor-at-large with the National Post in Canada, a distinguished professor at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management, and author of ten books.


  • The EU is a pro-Russia organisation. Always has been. Putinoid rat Sylvio Berlusconi was appointed to try to get Russia to join. Putler wouldn’t join because it would emasculate him. He prefers to dominate from the sidelines via his Stasi asset Merkel (and almost certainly her successor). All French rulers can be relied upon to collaborate, since they all hate Britain and America; it’s a contractual obligation.
    The treacherous Biden has strengthened the EU-Russia alliance by joining it. One wonders whether Trudeau will now join up too.
    All that’s left in Europe to resist putlerstan are Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Sweden, Britain, Pribaltika, Holland. Plus possibly Czechia and Slovakia?
    Ukraine can hope that Orban gets kicked out next year, try to repair relations with another key neighbour; Romania and continue to build cooperation with Turkey.

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  • A useful accompaniment to this article is the interview with the excellent Arseniy Yatsenyuk:


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  • It is really, really disappointing that the leader of the free world, the guardian of democracy and the leader of the home of the brave is capitulating to a 3rd world fascist poker player.
    I remember when Obama went to Egypt shortly after becoming president, he basically apologized to the world for America’s divisiveness and occasional derision. And in a matter of weeks, ISIS was born and the Taliban resurged.
    Giving quarter to despots, fascist and terrorists will yield MORE despots, fascists and terrorists and yet your popularity will not increase. White flag Biden will not change and is only imagining his popularity through the dishonest media. Let’s hope Zelensky can find his backbone because he will need it. Ukraine is practically alone again for the next 3.5 years at least.

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    • If you haven’t seen it, check out Arseny Yatsenyuk’s magnificent performance in his interview with Atlantic Council. What a statesman! He also is not afraid to speak the stark truth, describing putler’s malignant article as what it is: a Goebbells-type statement of intent.
      Ukraine has an opponent as evil as hitler. Without the Budapest Memorandum signatories doing their job in full, it is indeed going to be a rotten three years or so.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    It should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen what chaos this piece of dog shit has caused by our southern border and this as soon as he was in the Oval office. The president’s chair was still warm from Trump’s ass when this traitor opened our borders for one and all to come … and they did. The human traffickers and drug cartels had a drink on Biden for making their lives much easier. They laughed and cracked jokes and raked in hundreds of millions extra. The common people suffered as they were forced to carry drugs and were separated from their children, whom the traffickers and drug dealers used. The refugee camps were hopelessly packed and this all happened during the times of Corona.
    Biden and his ilk knew all this. He knew that these people will either take away jobs from Americans and/or increase the crime rate and make street gangs bigger and help the drug cartels. It overburdened the border patrol and the police. It wastes billions of our tax money and overburdens our welfare system. But did he care? What was his motive?
    In face of what he has done to OUR country, is it a wonder that he would throw Ukraine in front of a moving bus? A piece of leftist dog shit will never change his color. It will be a shitty brown no matter what you do. We will have to live with this vile piece of crap for another 3.5 years and so will Ukraine and all we can do is hope for a united Congress to oppose this parasite president.

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    • Well put Sir Facts. What was his motive?
      I think they believe the illegals will eventually vote for Democrats if they give them enough stuff. But the legal immigrants want MORE border security. And a lot of them vote, legally. So I think that’s why they shed their patriotism. All in the name of their religion, leftwing politics.

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      • If you accept the theory that socialists are just communists that are a bit shy, I guess it makes sense. International Marxism believes in open borders because it creates more clients for the socialist welfare state. Margaret Thatcher had a lot to say on this topic. Here is a quote:
        “Socialism is a dangerous, but undeclared, enemy of freedom – and I do not just mean the socialist command economy but all those attitudes which socialism fosters: dependence, passivity, conformity, envy, lack of personal responsibility and lack of initiative. The battle against socialism is more than the attempt to replace economic error by economic truth. It is a battle for moral and spiritual values.

        It is precisely socialism which promotes universal dependency on the State and the neglect of all primary duties. In place of the culture of dependency we must emphasise the moral rightness of enterprise and the absolute value of responsibility.

        We must encourage people to take charge of their own lives, and to live honestly and openly, fulfilling their duties and respecting the rights of others.

        More: we must encourage people to see that they are the property of no earthly master, not even of the State; that they are answerable for what they do in a Higher Court than the courts of this world, and that every attempt to relieve them of the burden of responsibility and to treat them like cattle in a comfortable collective farm, is an act of spiritual insolence.”


        1991 Oct 3 Th, Margaret Thatcher.
        Speech at Jagiellonian University in Krakow.


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