“They work in every capital”: Russia is trying in every possible way to dissuade other countries from taking part in the Crimean platform

28 states and international organizations have already confirmed their participation in the summit of the Crimean platform, which will consider the issue of de-occupation of the peninsula.

According to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, all leading partner states of Ukraine in Europe and North America are expected to participate in the summit. At the same time, Russia is trying in every possible way to interfere with these plans.

“But you have no idea how systemic and powerful the confrontation with Russia is. They work in every capital, in every country, discouraging states from participating in the Crimean platform. But we are doing our work, we have our own power of truth, the power of diplomacy, and we have already managed to form this core of the coalition, ”Kuleba said at the briefing.


According to Kuleba, the Crimean platform will change the attitude of the international community towards the Russian occupation of Crimea. At the same time, the summit will not be a one-off event, but will become a systematic work. Currently, a declaration has been practically approved, which must be signed by the platform participants.

“Crimea has already become a suitcase without a handle for Russia, and the Crimean platform will turn it into an unbearable load,” Kuleba summed up.



  • onlyfactsplease

    “They work in every capital, in every country, discouraging states from participating in the Crimean platform.”
    Good. This means that this platform angers the mafiosi shit nuggets very much and it’s always a pleasure to see them angry.

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    • Its also comical to watch them squirm as they try to pressure other countries. Imagine Poland or Norway being threatened by a midget in a gas station. Que the Monty Python skit, lol…….

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      • Even better if they tried that shit in Lithuania. I doubt they would want the humiliation of being shown the door. LMAO

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        • Do you think the gas station midget will try another attack before the September Duma elections? I really don’t understand his concern for an election that is already predetermined but he’s cued up for it with 90% still stationed at Ukraine’s border.

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          • I think Freud would struggle to understand what’s going on in Putin’s addled brain. TBH I don’t think he has the balls to launch a full scale attack on Ukraine. It would be very difficult to justify the slaughter of Russian speakers he regards as one people, to the sheep. Then again the sheep don’t even care what happens in their own country.

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