Putin has nuclear weapons, oil and “nothing more” – Biden

He accused Russia of trying to interfere in the election.Putin is worried that US intelligence is working better, Biden said / photo by REUTERSPutin is worried that US intelligence is working better, Biden said / photo by REUTERS

US President Joe Biden has said that Russia is trying to interfere in the by-elections in the United States in 2022, using misinformation.

This was reported by Bloomberg .

According to him, Russia’s efforts are a clear violation of sovereignty.

Biden also turned to American spies and thanked them for their work.

He noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin “knows that you are better than his team, and he is very worried about it.”

On June 16, Biden’s first meeting  as US President with Russian President Vladimir Putin took place in Geneva  . The parties discussed, in particular,  Russia’s role in cyberattacks  on US facilities, Ukraine’s issues, the nuclear weapons treaty and  Navalny’s poisoning .

Following the summit, the presidents held press conferences. Putin spoke about Ukraine, NATO accession and the Minsk agreements. Biden mentioned this only briefly. The American leader said that in relations with Russia he wants predictability and stability, and Putin, they say,  seeks to avoid the Cold War .

(c)UNIAN 2021


  • And then you give the ‘GO’ for NS2……………very logic.

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    • Yes, if he thinks Putler is poor or weak with just oil and nukes then why is he helping Putler get more? Sanctions were international and unanimous…..until Biden….
      Yet it was Trump that was impeached for collusion with Russia.
      Where’s my vodka?!


  • Biden obviously doesn’t care about Putin meddling, he just give him the authority to do whatever he wants. I never thought I would say this, but the US are becoming a laughing stock in the world. A nazi state like Germany just wiped the floor with US policy, and Biden took it.

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