Russian newspaper linked to Prigogine asks FSB to recognize Bellingcat as “undesirable organization”

The St. Petersburg edition of Bellingcat already had a conflict, which was considered in a Dutch court.

The Federal News Agency (RIA FAN), linked to pro-Kremlin businessman Yevgeny Prigogine , said it had asked the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office and the FSB to declare the Bellingcat project an “undesirable organization.” 

According to the publication, Bellingcat is one of the main mouthpieces of anti-Russian propaganda, which is ” funded by a number of Western NGOs and foundations ” and during its existence “was marked by intrusions published in the interests of foreign states .” 

According to RIA FAN, Bellingcat manipulates the concept of human rights and threatens the national security of the Russian Federation, exposing it as a ” criminal state “. This is ” confirmed “, the publication continues, by Bellingcat investigations. 

It will be recalled that Bellingcat was created in 2014 by British journalist Eliot Higgins. It conducts investigative journalism, analyzing data from open sources. The publication published many materials, including: about the involvement of the Russian authorities in the downing of the Boeing MH17 , about the poisoning of GRU ex-officer Sergei Skripal, about the organization of explosions at arms depots in the Czech Republic in 2014, about the  poisoning of Russian historian Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr. and writer Dmitry Bykov . And also about the poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny . 

On March 11, Bellingcat journalists won a lawsuit against the St. Petersburg news agency RIA FAN. A Dutch court ordered Prigogine to remove materials about Bellingcat . False information about this was spread in the media related to Prigogine’s agency.

Bellingcat spokesman  Hristo Grozev also  announced an investigation into the failure of a special operation to detain Wagner militants .



  • According to RIA FAN, Bellingcat manipulates the concept of human rights and threatens the national security of the Russian Federation, exposing it as a ” criminal state “.

    Bellingcat are 100% correct, Muscovy is a criminal state, and no need for the quotation marks either. Bellingcat should be honoured to be labelled undersireable, it means Putler is scared of you.

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    • Moskovia has always been a criminal state even going back to Kyivan Rus times. They didn’t like following rules to be civilized. They were inclined to steal what they wanted. They were not compatible with the rules-based civilization in Kyiv so they acted and were treated like the Bandits and Misfits they are. Fast forward 1,000 years and nothing has changed, they are still stealing toilets…

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Nothing surprising there. Mafia land has been announcing others to be undesirable just because they publish truths … truths that are undesirable in mafia land.

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