SBU busts powerful pro-Russian bot farm involving 12,000 SIM cards to spin fake news

SBU busts powerful pro-Russian bot farm involving 12,000 SIM cards to spin fake news

26.07.2021 12:05

Security operatives in Ivano-Frankivsk region have liquidated what they report was a powerful bot farm supervised from Russia.

That’s according to the Security Service of Ukraine’s press office, Ukrinform reports

The ring is believed to have been set up by a local resident, an expert in information and telecommunication technology. Since year-start alone, he has applied almost 12,000 SIM cards of Ukrainian and Russian mobile operators to register fake accounts.

The bot farm’s main operations stretched across social networks, messengers, and e-wallets.

It was mainly from Russia that the administrator received orders to affect public opinion through massive distortions of reality. Basically, this was done through artificially upping the number of views, likes, comments on social networks and video hosting services. The perpetrator was receiving payments in Russian rubles, operatives say.

During a raid in the bot farm administrator’s home, law enforcers found and confiscated SIM gateways, computer software, specialized telecommunication equipment, and almost three thousand SIM cards.

Further inquiry is underway.

Once forensic tests are complete, the culprit could be charged for unauthorized interference in computer or telecom networks, under Article 361 of the Criminal Code.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, cyber experts with the SBU Office in Chernihiv exposed another bot farm administered from Russia. The network would circulate reports aimed to discredit the Ukrainian government, and called for the overthrow of the constitutional order.

Among fake reports posted were false bomb alerts, including targeting critical infrastructure facilities.



  • Troll farms work. That’s why the kremkrappers deploy them. They work also because there are enough asswipe trash in the west to buy their bullshit. Just as there are plenty of gopniks and nazi trash in Russia who buy their domestic output.
    On the basis that there may well be a significant number of educated young people who are fed up with kremkrapp, maybe it’s time for the west to deploy ‘white’ troll farms to influence Russian people who have some intellect.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Good job, SBU!
    While the West continues to snore and snooze and drools like Homer…

    Liked by 2 people

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